3 Things You Should Know About Cat® Inspect

September 21, 2022

The fast-paced introduction of new technologies and digital innovation is transforming nearly every customer experience category in ways not many could have imagined a short time ago.  

Caterpillar customers are changing, too. They expect Caterpillar and our dealers to add value, be easy to work with, and seamlessly integrate processes into the way they work. In response, we’re connecting physical products with intuitive digital experiences by gathering and transforming data into easy-to-access insights that provide game-changing customer value.  

1. Cat® Inspect improves customer success by maintaining healthy fleets

Cat® Inspect is a mobile application that allows customers to perform digital preventative maintenance checks, inspections, and daily walkarounds. Helping customers simplify machine inspection and maintenance is a significant opportunity to add value because proper preventative maintenance can avoid unplanned downtime – boosting productivity and increasing a customer’s bottom line. 

Inspections are critical in the heavy-construction machine industry because our equipment is used for grueling tasks, often under harsh conditions. Sometimes, our machines literally move mountains. Inspections are critical to maintaining a healthy fleet.  

Cat Service on worksite

2. Do-it-myself owners and mixed fleet customers benefit from digital recordkeeping, reporting, and prioritized recommended actions

Digital inspections mean centralized, paperless recordkeeping. But that’s not all. Cat Inspect seamlessly integrates with our other apps, including My.Cat.Com and VisionLink®. This integration makes it easy for customers to prioritize repairs and communicate with dealers for advice or to schedule service.  

With the addition of QR code capabilities, it’s never been easier or quicker to complete an inspection. Cat Inspect allows customers to rate their assets, take photos and videos, add comments, and share results. Do-it-myself customers can easily purchase parts and access maintenance instructions at the swipe of a screen.  

What’s more, Cat Inspect is optimized for mixed fleet owners, securing inspection results for all makes and models of Cat and non-Cat assets in one place. Large fleet owners with multiple operators benefit from organized digital recordkeeping, reporting, and prioritized lists of recommended actions. 

3. Dealer technicians and reps use the app to support customers

Since its rollout in 2017, Cat Inspect usage has steadily increased, with more than 1.5M inspections expected in 2022 alone. By focusing on what’s important to our customers, we’re incorporating digital technologies to make their lives easier. Cat Inspect and other apps are just another way we stay close to customers and make it easy for them to do business with us. 

It’s a great time to be at Caterpillar. Our leaders are committed to investing in the technology needed to maintain our industry leadership, and we have some of the world’s best and brightest minds working on it.  

We’re laying the groundwork for tomorrow today. And the future looks bright.  

Learn more about Cat Inspect.

Cat Service on worksite