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As a leading global manufacturer and U.S. exporter, Caterpillar actively participates in the public policy process, advocating for key issues that align with our purpose and the execution of our strategy. Our 2023 Lobbying Report, The Purpose of Engagement, outlines how we advocate for a policy and regulatory environment that supports our long-term success and provides value to shareholders.

2023 Caterpillar Lobbying Report:
The Purpose of Engagement

The report, which the company issues annually, provides greater transparency and disclosure of the company’s U.S. political engagement strategy, including a description of the governance oversight and management of these activities. Caterpillar’s shareholders have demonstrated interest in more transparency and a better understanding of our political engagement strategy. We value their input and diverse perspectives and have implemented a number of key changes based on shareholder feedback. Our Values in Action, governing laws and strategy for profitable growth continue to guide how we act and manage, with whom we engage, and our areas of focus.

The report includes a spotlight on climate lobbying efforts focused on supporting Caterpillar’s customers during the energy transition, Caterpillar’s relationships with U.S. trade and industry associations, employee engagement in advocacy initiatives and Caterpillar Inc. Political Action Committee governance. 

Current U.S. Disclosures

Our commitment to transparency and disclosure in our advocacy activities has long been recognized. As part of that commitment, numerous voluntary disclosures and links to filings related to our political engagements are below. When permitted by law, Caterpillar may make corporate political contributions in the United States that align with Caterpillar’s business interests. We may support political committees, political parties, ballot measure committees, associations and other political organizations, including those operating under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. All such corporate political contributions are reported biannually. Caterpillar does not make independent expenditures on behalf of or in opposition to federal, state or local candidates and does not contribute to presidential campaigns or Super PACs.

Based on shareholder feedback, in 2022, we lowered the reporting threshold of our U.S. trade and industry association memberships from $50,000 to $25,000 and provided additional information on the percentage of members’ dues used for federal lobbying. We have further enhanced our disclosures for 2023 to include a tiered reporting of the dollar amount of Caterpillar’s membership dues paid to all U.S. trade and industry associations and the percentage of those dues used for federal lobbying activities, as reported by each organization.

2022 Lobbying Report

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In the United States, in compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), Caterpillar files a quarterly report (LD-2) that includes: 1) total federal lobbying expenditures, 2) the name of the specific piece of legislation or subject that was the topic of communication, 3) disclosure of Caterpillar individuals who qualify as lobbyists on behalf of Caterpillar and 4) identification of the legislative body or executive branch agency that was contacted. This report incorporates expenses associated with lobbying the federal government, including the portion of trade association membership dues associated with federal lobbying. As required by the LDA, Caterpillar reports certain contributions and payments on a biannual basis, including those made by CATPAC in our LD-203.

Beginning with our 2023 reports, we provide direct links on our corporate website for the last five years. These and additional records for prior years are available on the U.S. Senate Office of Public Records website or the U.S. House of Representatives Office of the Clerk website.

Caterpillar's Priority Issues

Caterpillar participates in the public policy process, advocating for a range of issues that supports our corporate strategy and business objectives. The policy priorities below are driven by our enterprise strategy for profitable growth and reflect the value we provide to shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.

Climate and Energy Transition

We continue to make investments in new products, technologies and services that facilitate fuel flexibility, increased operational efficiency and reduced emissions. We are increasing our investments in autonomy, alternative fuels, connectivity and digital and electrification (AACE) technologies.

See our Sustainability Report
Cat generator sets
Cat generator sets


Our customers around the world use our equipment to build and strengthen communities, supporting access to water, electricity, food, healthcare and education. A more modern and reliable infrastructure system is also crucial to customers’ successful economic growth and job creation. We support initiatives that provide funding and efficient processes for building, repairing and upgrading infrastructure networks – from roads, rail and waterways to airports and broadband internet infrastructure. Caterpillar also supports the protection and restoration of natural infrastructure and local ecosystems.

Cat 140 motor grader
Cat 140 motor grader

Workforce Development

One of our key priorities is to identify, attract and maintain a diverse workforce, equipping them with skills for today and tomorrow. We advocate for initiatives and efforts that support talent development and training programs, as well as competitive pay and career opportunities within the advanced manufacturing industry.

See our Diversity & Inclusion Report
A man and a woman working on a laptop while standing in front of a Cat 320 excavator
A man and a woman working on a laptop while standing in front of a Cat 320 excavator


Legislation and regulations can have a significant impact on companies and their ability to compete, which is why we work closely with lawmakers and regulators to implement pro-growth policies that help ensure our company remains competitive both at home and abroad. We will continue our advocacy for tax and trade policies that lower tariffs, expand market access for our products and services and allow us to compete freely.

Cargo ship transporting goods
Cargo ship transporting goods


Cat wheel loader in front of the US capitol building

U.S. Footprint

Caterpillar has a presence around the world to support our global customers, but there’s no country where we employ more people than the United States. Learn more about Caterpillar's presence and engagement in each state.

View U.S. State Fact Sheets
Cat wheel loader on White House lawn
Cat wheel loader on White House lawn

Advocacy Outside the U.S.

Caterpillar's global reach and presence is unmatched in the industry. Our government affairs teams in key global locations work to create a favorable legislative and policy environment to better serve our customers and increase shareholder value. While our advocacy strategies may differ depending on political systems and local laws, we are always guided by Our Values in Action, high ethical standards and our commitment to helping our customers build a better, more sustainable world.

In the European Union (EU), Caterpillar voluntarily participates in the Transparency Register operated by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Caterpillar discloses its engagement with policymakers in the EU regarding issues of interest to Caterpillar’s business and reports such information as its membership in trade associations and annual expenses associated with activities identified in the Register.

Visit EU Transparency Register
R1700 Battery Electric Underground Loader at work
R1700 Battery Electric Underground Loader at work

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