Industries We Serve

The place you call home. The roads you travel. The goods you rely on. The power that connects you to friends and family. All that, and so much more, is made possible by customers in the industries we serve. Caterpillar and our dealers are committed to helping our customers build a better, more sustainable world — providing the products, technologies, services and support they need to do the work productively and profitably.

Construction equipment building airport



A growing world is built on infrastructure: roads and bridges, airports and seaports, homes and businesses. Our customers make it a reality, taking on everything from residential construction jobs to complex infrastructure and commercial building projects. With an expansive construction industry, our customers also perform work in applications like landscaping, forestry, paving, waste management, snow removal and agriculture. Available through a worldwide dealer network, our construction products, technologies and services are sold under the Cat®, Cat Financial, Cat Rental Store, Cat Reman brands and in some parts of the world under the SEM brand. 


Turning on a light, driving down a road, sending a text message: Many daily activities we take for granted are made possible by mined resources. Surface and underground mines rely on us for proven, scalable solutions, including a broad product range and autonomous capabilities, as they extract and haul aggregates, coal, copper, gold, iron ore and other minerals. Our mining products, technologies and services — sold under the Cat brand services under the Cat Reman brand — improve productivity, keep the jobsite safe and support miners on their sustainability journey.

Large mining truck in operation
Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

The journey to bring energy to the world often starts in remote, harsh environments. Our customers need more than just robust, heavy-duty equipment, but also smart technologies and services that enhance productivity, safety and sustainability in any condition. Sold under the Cat, Solar Turbines, SPM Oil & Gas, CarbonPoint Solutions, and Cat Reman brands, our oil and gas solutions help our customers meet the world’s growing energy needs while simultaneously lowering the carbon intensity of the industry. We serve customers involved in gas compression, land and offshore drilling and production, and well services.  


Transporting people and goods via the world’s waterways has long driven the global economy. Customers trust our engines to provide power for every environment from private yachts quietly cruising the Mediterranean Sea, to offshore fishing boats traversing the harsh Bering Strait, to government vessels supporting emergency search and rescue missions. Our marine solutions — sold under the Cat, MaK™, and Cat Reman brands — combine reliable power with technology-enabled services to keep vessels of all types and sizes operating safely and efficiently.

Marine Ship
Power Generation

Power Generation

Electricity isn’t something most of us think about — until it’s not there. We’ve helped customers keep the lights on and the power running for more than 90 years. Our diesel, natural gas and renewable fuel gensets, gas turbines, energy storage solutions and microgrid solutions provide reliable power for electric utilities, combined heat and power for industrial operations, rental power for planned and unplanned temporary power needs and critical standby power for industries that require uninterrupted power such as healthcare and data centers. Our power generation solutions — sold under the Cat, Solar Turbines, MWM, Tangent Energy Solutions and FG Wilson and Cat Reman brands — come with unmatched engineering, installation and after-sale support.


The world’s railways keep people and products moving, across town and across continents. We provide rolling stock and infrastructure solutions, advanced technologies, recycling operations, and parts and repair support for the global rail industry. Our rail solutions — sold under the Progress Rail brand — include products like EMD locomotives and Kershaw maintenance-of-way equipment, as well as railcars, engines, trackwork, fasteners and signaling.

EMD Joule on rail tracks
Rental power at event


There’s no job too big or too small for the world-class product line of industrial diesel and natural gas engines from Caterpillar. Sold under the Cat and Perkins brands, our engines are tough enough to tackle the world’s harshest environments while being flexible enough to configure to almost any machine. Engines with the latest EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final technologies meet stringent emissions standards and deliver the performance and efficiency customers expect from Caterpillar. We provide the most comprehensive range of innovative and reliable power solutions tailored to meet the precise requirements of our industrial/construction, agriculture and rental customers.