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SPM Oil & Gas provides superior products and service solutions to Oil & Gas customers in upstream, production, transportation, refining, and related industries. Upstream products include SPM™ Pressure Pumping well service & stimulation pumps, SPM™ and Kemper™ flow control products, replacement expendable parts, and supporting engineered repair services for Oil Field Service Companies. Pressure control solutions include Seaboard™ and KOP™ wellheads, API valves, frac trees, and managed pressure drilling equipment, including Mathena™ chokes, separators, and environmental containment equipment to E&P Companies and Novatech™ expendables. Downstream products include API 610 centrifugal pumps and spare parts for refining and petrochemical industries. Engineered mechanical and rotating equipment repairs and upgrades, oilfield and drilling equipment repair and certification, rapid prototyping of spares parts, including robust asset management and field engineering services are delivered globally by SPM.

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Product Offerings

Drilling – Improving drilling efficiency during well construction is a key driver of production. Operators need efficiency more than anything else and constantly strive to reduce costs and optimize drilling operations. Our integrated product offerings across the drill site ensure operations can be carried out safely and efficiently. With a global network of service centers near the world’s major operating areas, all equipment is supported by prompt, expert technical aftermarket services to enhance operational efficiency.

Well Service – Designed specifically to address the industry’s most extreme operating conditions and the limitations of conventional equipment in meeting those challenges, the SPM™ EXL Frac Pump features rock-solid construction and the highest rod-load rating in its class.

Production – SPM supports the production sectors with the design and manufacture of various types of wellheads for numerous pressure ratings, other valve types, pumps and reliable ancillary equipment. Additionally, turbomachinery services provide support for all makes of centrifugal, axial and reciprocating compressors.

Gas Compression – SPM supplies centrifugal and process pumps to support the refining and petrochemical processes. Refining and petrochemical companies worldwide rely on SPM Oil & Gas to help maximize economies of scale, discover value-added solutions and reduce operational costs.

Why SPM Oil & Gas 

Our team works hard to create lifelong customer relationships, supplying comprehensive product & service solutions for the Oil & Gas industry and setting the standard for excellence in the segment.


SPM® EdgeX™ Valve and Seat combines the strength of tungsten carbide, the proven durability of steel, and the versatility of industry-standard fluid ends.


SPM® EXL Frac Pump features rock-solid construction and the highest rod-load rating in its class.


Engineered to withstand abuse, accommodate longer service intervals and minimize the possibility of human error—all of which help drive down total cost of ownership.


Delivering precise flow and pressure control, the SPM Electric-Actuated Choke provides an intelligent system to help customers with their operational, safety and environmental challenges.


Kemper™ Oilfield Hammer Unions

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