Matching Gifts Program

1:1 Matching Gifts Program


The Caterpillar Foundation is proud to offer the year-round Matching Gifts Program to support our employees, U.S. retirees and board of directors in their contributions to worthy causes. For gifts made in the year 2021 and beyond, eligible Caterpillar participants may request an annual total maximum match of $10,000 USD each calendar year to eligible charities to which contributions are tax deductible. 

Please reference full program guidelines and FAQs.

Caterpillar Participant Eligibility

Eligible Caterpillar participants are limited to:

  • Full & part time Caterpillar, Solar & Progress Rail employees
  • U.S.-based Caterpillar retirees
  • Caterpillar Board of Directors

Caterpillar employees in China; Russia & Kazakhstan and international Progress Rail employees may be eligible in a future phase of the program’s development.

Annual Minimum / Maximum

  • Gifts must be a tax-deductible, charitable contribution of $25 USD (or local currency equivalent) or more.
  • Each Caterpillar participant may request an annual combined total maximum match of $10,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) in each calendar year.

Important Deadlines

To be eligible for consideration of the Foundation match:

  • Caterpillar participants must submit matching gift requests online by January 31 of the year following the donation.
  • Nonprofit organizations must approve all matching gift requests by February 15 of the year following the donation.

How the Process Works

Step 1


Search for Charity

Log in to the Caterpillar Cares database at to search for charities that are eligible for the Foundation match in your local country.

Step 2



Donate $25+ USD (or local currency equivalent) directly to an eligible charity. You have an annual combined total maximum match of $10,000 USD.

Step 3


Submit Match Request

Use match portal to search for the charity and enter the gift details at

Step 4


Charity Confirms

The charity receives the match request notification and verifies the tax-deductible gift amount.

Step 5


Foundation Matches

The Caterpillar Foundation reviews requests on a quarterly basis and processes a 1:1 match of your donation.

Matching Gifts and Caterpillar Foundation logo


Caterpillar Participants: 
Search / Request a Match

Click the link below to search for charities that are eligible or submit a match request.

Visit Website


Verify / Confirm a Match

Click the link below to verify a match request submitted by a Caterpillar participant.

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