A career that matters. Because you do. 

When a company is filled with makers, doers, problem-solvers and worldbuilders, there are stories to be told -- about passion, about purpose and about what matters most.

What motivates employees to join Team Caterpillar and do the work that matters differs from person to person. Because our employees are unique. They bring their diverse backgrounds, new ideas, fresh creativity and varied experience to work every day to inspire innovation and collaboration.

We are a global team of over 109,000 people with over 109,000 individual stories to tell. But we have one thing in common: the drive to help our customers build a better, more sustainable world. 

The Hiro Story

After graduating high school, Hiro flew from Tokyo to Chicago to attend college in America. He didn’t speak a word of English but met people along his journey who became friends, helping him learn and grow. Now a Marketing Manager for Caterpillar, see how he’s paying it forward.