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Immerse yourself
Your experience begins with a video in the bed of a massive two-and-a-half story Cat® 797F Mining Truck as you take a virtual ride into a customer's mine site down a haul road.

Unleash your inner engineer and design your very own Cat machine. Hop onto a simulator and see first-hand what it's like to operate equipment the way our operators do.

Marvel at the sheer massive volume of the rugged Cat machines. Delight in the customer-driven design and innovation that has made Caterpillar a world-leading manufacturer.

Reflect on the past
Caterpillar enjoys a strong legacy, and you'll enjoy a journey through time in the Caterpillar Heritage Gallery. From helping build San Francisco's famed cable car system, to the construction of the Three Gorges Dam in China, to the widening of the Panama Canal and hundreds of important milestones in between – Caterpillar was there.

See what the Holt steam track-type tractor prototype from 1905 looked like. Get up close and personal with the first Caterpillar-engineered machine — the Model Twenty. Sit in the seat of an antique Caterpillar D8 Tractor and feel what it was like to operate this machine in the 1930s.

The Heritage Gallery often features items donated to Caterpillar from retirees and brand enthusiasts. If you are interested in donating an item related to Caterpillar or its subsidiaries, please contact us.

Envision the future
Our customers shape the world and build the future. Caterpillar champions their success through customer-focused product design and implementation.

Explore how customers' ideas drive design and product decisions in the Immersive Visualization Center. Use the same 3D technology Caterpillar does to design and build machines, engines and factories. Sit in the seat of a future machine or walk an assembly line of a factory not yet built.

Meet the people
Caterpillar people—employees, suppliers, dealers and customers—make sustainable progress possible around the world every day. Visit Caterpillar People at Work and see them through windows of different parts of the world. Learn how Caterpillar people all over the globe help neighbors and give back to their communities. Watch as Caterpillar dealers work as one with their customers to maintain the lowest possible cost while achieving maximum productivity. 

Take home a tractor
Or a Cat® hat! The on-site Cat Merchandise Center offers a wide selection of collector die-cast scale models and the latest in Cat and Caterpillar branded footwear and designer apparel. The Cat Merchandise Center is open 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

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