Operations and EHS Standards

Our high-performance standards for environmental, health and safety (EHS) encourage going beyond merely complying with EHS laws and regulations. Our EHS assurance manual outlines Caterpillar’s EHS Management System and establishes fundamental requirements for all workplaces globally, including majority-owned subsidiaries and majority-owned joint ventures.

The health and safety of our employees is an important focus at Caterpillar, and we strive to continuously reduce injuries. Safety is forefront in our strategic goals and metrics, with visible commitment and support by leadership. In addition to metrics, we believe the best way to drive a culture of safety excellence is to create an environment where our team is accountable for their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them. We relentlessly strive to ensure our workforce returns home safely every day.

We encourage facilities to implement their own initiatives to improve operational efficiency, including decreasing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water and reducing waste.

Our employees are engaged in identifying and managing risk and are active participants in continuously improving the EHS of our operations. Our EHS Professionals play a key role in providing expertise and support to Caterpillar leadership around the world, and leaders regularly receive training on their role in EHS compliance and setting an example.


Environmental Statements

Our Worldwide Code of Conduct helps Caterpillar employees put our values and principles into action every day.

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