Building Community Infrastructure

The Caterpillar Foundation is on a mission to help build resilient communities that thrive in a rapidly changing world. Part of its focus includes restoring natural ecosystems to withstand the shocks and stresses caused by environmental degradation and natural disasters and building basic infrastructure services, like water and energy, to help communities grow stronger and become more sustainable.

Our Approach to Natural Infrastructure

We restore local ecosystems to help communities grow stronger, more resilient and more sustainable. For instance, wetlands and marshes help improve water quality and mitigate natural disasters. Our goal is to build on the existing evidence base and illustrate the economic and social value of conserving, protecting and rebuilding natural infrastructure.  

Investing in Access to Natural Infrastructure

Our Approach to Access to Basic Services

We help communities gain access to the basic services like water and energy that enable healthier, stronger and more productive communities. We work with partners to install community-wide infrastructure to bring water to communities, building sustainability and resilience together. And, we train workers in energy solutions to build sustainable solutions to address the needs of communities.  

Investing in Access to Basic Infrastructure