Sustainability Report

Since 2005, Caterpillar has published an annual sustainability report, with detailed performance information and data and highlights about specific projects that support our sustainable development efforts. Each year the report serves as the flagship document for stakeholders to understand Caterpillar’s commitment to sustainability.

2016 Sustainability Report

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2016 Executive Summary of the Annual Report and Sustainability Report

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Building Better. For more than 90 years, our customers have used our equipment to develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets that improve living standards across the globe. Our dedication to building better is stronger than ever.

Sustainability Highlights from the Report

2016 Sustainability Report Fact Sheet

A quick view of highlights from our 2016 Sustainability Report: Building Better.

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Letter to Our Stakeholders from CEO Jim Umpleby

Caterpillar CEO Jim Umpleby highlights examples of how we’re building better through natural infrastructure, circular economy practices and energy access, as well as our sustainability practices within the company.

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Improving Safety through Culture

With over 1,000 employees across three shifts, injuries have been significantly reduced at Solar Turbines’ Turbomachinery Operations in Southern California.

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Real-time Energy Data Helps Drive Results

Seeing is believing. That maxim has proven to be true at Caterpillar China Machinery Components Co. Operator Station Facility in Wuxi, China.

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Solar Installations in India Help Drive Renewable Energy Goal

Our Hosur, India plant recently installed 150 kilowatt solar panels on its roof.

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Women’s Leadership Initiative

Inclusion drives business results, and Caterpillar knows that when it focuses on having the best talent – including a more gender-balanced workforce – everyone benefits.

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Slag Recycling Reduces Mapleton Landfill Waste

The Mapleton Foundry generates anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 tons of slag annually – a by-product from the iron melting process.

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Simulation Reduces Paint Waste

One of the last stops in the manufacturing process is the paint shop, where our machines are coated in iconic Caterpillar yellow.

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Test Vehicle Washing Helps Save Water

The facility in Qingzhou, China, identified a key opportunity to significantly reduce water consumption by redesigning the vehicle washing processes.

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Caterpillar Advanced Cabin Filtration Promotes Operator Health and Safety

Properly secured cab enclosures promote the health of those who operate Caterpillar machines.

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500th Cat® Certified Rebuild

Fifteen years after Caterpillar, Cat® dealer PT Trakindo and customer PT Freeport Indonesia signed a strategic alliance agreement, the group celebrated its 500th Cat Certified Rebuild in 2016.

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The Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing at Solar Turbines

Since 2013, Solar Turbines has used Additive Manufacturing to produce and repair production components in-house.

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6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy contributes up to 50 percent of the total cost of owning a hydraulic mining shovel.

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Cat® D6T Fuel Efficiency

One of our most versatile dozers, the new fully automatic D6T continues to drive customer value through dramatically improved fuel efficiency and ease of use.

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Repowers for Rail

Progress Rail is one of the largest diversified providers of rolling stock and infrastructure solutions and technologies for global rail customers.

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Global Parts EVC Program Delivers Profitability with Sustainability

With thousands of suppliers, plants, dealers and customers in our value chain, there are opportunities to improve efficiencies in moving raw materials and finished products from point A to point B.

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Supporting the Removal of Landmines

Caterpillar’s support of the Digger Foundation is making a difference in war-torn areas.

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Bringing Reliable Energy to the Brazilian Amazon

The nearly half million residents of Roraima, Boa Vista, are separated from the rest of Brazil by the nearly impenetrable Amazon rainforest.

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Caterpillar Invests in Africa

Caterpillar, our dealers and the Caterpillar Foundation are committed to helping Africa realize its potential by investing in service facilities, logistics facilities, and education and skills development.

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Caterpillar Invests in FIRST Robotics and Future Workplace

With the United States significantly behind in producing a qualified science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce, Caterpillar is dedicated to building a global engineering talent pipeline.

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Tucson Proving Ground Reduces Emissions using New Cat® Microgrid Solution

While remote, the Tucson Proving Ground has a high demand for power with employees working on projects ranging from machine tear downs and builds to welding to office and administrative tasks.

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