Caterpillar's Sponsorships

We’re always looking for new ways to engage our customers and the people in the communities we serve. We take a strategic approach to sponsorships and partner with organizations that share our values and desire to “do the work.’

Our approach to evaluating potential sponsorships starts by asking some important questions:

  • What target markets should we consider?
  • Who shares our customer-focused approach?
  • What properties are of interest to our customers?

If you believe your organization is a good fit and partnering with us can provide value to Caterpillar and positively increase the Cat brand, check out our sponsorship application form.

Sponsorship Partners

Caterpillar is proud to be a sponsor of Major League Soccer, National Hockey League, Chinese Basketball Association, and Crusaders Rugby to name a few.

Caterpillar sponsors several organizations that share our values and our desire to engage our communities. The two newest partners that we are excited to work with are Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League. We also work closely with Jack Miller in MotoGP, Professional Bull Riders, the Crusaders in the Super Rugby Competition, FIRST Robotics, and American Flat Track. Internationally, we partner with Cat Ladies Golf in Japan and the Chinese Basketball Association.

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