Contingency Planning

It makes good business sense to plan for any scenario – including a work stoppage or strike – that may impact operations and our customer commitments. This is a normal part of our process before any negotiation.

Our goal is to reach a competitive agreement without a work stoppage.  However, if a strike does occur, we must continue to operate our facilities and serve our customers.

That’s why we have taken steps to prepare a contingent workforce made up of support, management and contract workers should a work stoppage or strike occur.

Why? We have a commitment and responsibility to our dealers, customers, communities and employees to run these facilities in the face of any challenge. 

During past labor disputes in the 1990s, in Joliet, and most recently in Northern Ireland, we have continued to operate and serve our customers through our contingency plans.

Other Benefits

  • Contingent workers have a unique opportunity to experience a different role and meaningful perspective on how our products are made.
  • Production employees share their skills and knowledge with other employees.
  • Local communities, suppliers, other facilities and employees who depend on these facilities are not impacted.
  • Contingent workers look at processes through a different lens and have opportunities to make quality improvements.

We aim to reach an agreement that positions Caterpillar, our facilities
and our employees to compete and succeed long into the future.

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