More Voices, More Value: 5 Ways to Build a Feedback-Driven Culture

February 20, 2024


At Caterpillar, we believe there’s more to work than work itself. Our culture, like everything at our company, is made possible by each employee’s contribution. Person by person, we create the environment we work in, and that includes frequently asking and addressing our team members’ feedback. 

Every year, Caterpillar conducts a voluntary Employee Insights (EI) survey. The goal is to dig deeper to understand the opinions and perspectives of our people and compare year-over-year to gauge improvements.

Caterpillar’s West Fargo, North Dakota, Cat® Reman facility was one of many groups that participated and showed improvements. Our Global Learning & Development team visited the facility to speak with leadership, front-line managers and production employees to discover how they are building a culture of feedback. 

Here are the team’s tips:

Reman employees smiling
Cat Reman facility in West Fargo, North Dakota
Reman employees in front of machinery
Reman employees in office hallway
  1. Regularly ask for feedback. Feedback should be asked for and encouraged in conjunction with sincere and timely follow-up given within 24 hours. "I talk to multiple leaders daily. They regularly ask me how I am doing and if I am having trouble with anything," one employee shared.
  2. Emphasize the importance of taking action on feedback received. While leaders champion these plans, all employees are involved in co-creating the best possible culture as a team. “We make sure all employees are given a voice so we can all align to the vision and improve the employee experience together," said Facility Manager Paul Olsen.
  3. Prioritize improvements to resources. Take direct and visible action on employee feedback regarding the business. When employees have effective resources to get their jobs done, positive feedback will result. 
  4. Be intentional about recognition and appreciation. Everyone wants to be seen, heard and appreciated for who they are and the work they are doing. This recognition can come in the form of simply saying a genuine ‘thank you’ to more thoughtful ways of expressing appreciation, like treating employees to baked goods.
  5. Provide employees with opportunities to grow their skills and careers. Caterpillar leaders understand their responsibility in supporting employees in their development. "I'm trained in seven different areas in my department. When I ask to learn something new, I've never been turned down," a West Fargo employee shared.

When we establish a continuous improvement culture, we achieve our best work and create a high-performing, inclusive environment that we all expect and appreciate. 

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