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Human Rights Policy and Our Values in Action

At Caterpillar, we are committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights principles throughout our global operations and within the framework of applicable laws and regulations. We clearly articulate our commitment to upholding these principles in “Our Values in Action – Caterpillar’s Code of Conduct.” We expect our suppliers and business partners to do the same and encourage them to develop their own approach in their operations consistent with these expectations.  


Human Rights Policy

Caterpillar is committed to respecting recognized human rights principles aimed at promoting and protecting human rights in the countries in which we operate. We recognize that governments are ultimately responsible for establishing the legal framework to protect human rights within their jurisdictions.

Consistent with our commitment and in accordance with applicable law and practice, we:

  • do not condone and strive to eliminate all forms of forced labor, child labor and discrimination in the workplace.
  • work to establish safe and healthy working conditions.
  • value diversity as a foundational key to the success of our business strategy.
  • seek to compensate our employees fairly and competitively where they work.
  • respect principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

We promote and respect the rule of law and will comply with the applicable law in the countries where we operate. We operate within the framework of our worldwide Code of Conduct. We maintain relevant policies and procedures to further our intended operations. We expect our business practices to be undertaken in accordance with applicable law, policy and Our Values in Action.

This policy supports Caterpillar’s vision to create a work environment that all can take pride in, to be a company others respect and admire, and to contribute to a world made better by our actions.


Our Guiding Principles

While this policy is uniquely our own, it is informed by:

This policy complements Our Values in Action in our Code of Conduct – Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Commitment and Sustainability. 

Enterprise policies apply to the Caterpillar enterprise, including subsidiaries, majority-owned joint ventures, and, following a transition period, newly acquired companies. If a Caterpillar division or employee believes that elements of an enterprise policy conflict with local law, they should promptly contact the Office of Business Practices. Annually, all employees are required to review and certify their understanding and compliance with Caterpillar’s Code of Conduct. In addition, they are expected to report any circumstances or actions that violate, or appear to violate, the Code, enterprise policy or applicable law.   

Caterpillar’s Sustainability & other Public Policy Committee has explicit oversight over sustainability, social and public policy matters, including those related to the environment, climate change, human rights and lobbying.


Business Partners And Suppliers

Caterpillar has a large and diverse network of business partners and suppliers.

We are committed to working with these parties to uphold the principles in this policy and encourage them to assess their own business and develop their own approach to respecting human rights. 

We look for suppliers who demonstrate strong values. We expect our suppliers to comply with the obligations set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes commitments to adhere to our Human Rights Policy and to avoid and eliminate all forms of forced labor, child labor and discrimination in the workplace. They’re also expected to comply with the sound business practices we embrace, follow the law and conduct activities in a manner that reflects Caterpillar’s Code of Conduct. Caterpillar conducts multiple levels of due diligence screenings on suppliers as part of its compliance program.

Supply Chain
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Our Values in Action

The foundation of all that we do resides within Our Code of Conduct. We act with Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Teamwork and Sustainability. Within the framework of Our Values in Action, we have established mechanisms to help identify, address and mitigate potential adverse human rights impacts wherever we do business. 

Many of these mechanisms already exist and are fully integrated into our established policies and procedures, which serve in furtherance of the company’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct.

We will consult with relevant internal and external stakeholders to understand human rights-related concerns and issues and remediate activity that is inconsistent with this policy. Caterpillar will assess and escalate human rights issues and concerns regarding our business activity within the informed context of law, policy and our Code of Conduct, and when doing so, we will act in accordance with Our Values in Action.

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We encourage any party to report situations in which they have a good faith belief that the entities or individuals covered under this policy have taken actions that are inconsistent with the principles set forth in this policy.

Caterpillar will not take any action against any party as a result of raising an issue in good faith pursuant to this reporting process. Also, Caterpillar does not tolerate any reprisal by any individual against any party for raising a concern or making a report in good faith. 

Caterpillar will address any reports promptly and effectively.  

Contact Information

We have dedicated confidential and anonymous means to encourage reporting by any party, maintained by our Office of Business Practices. 

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The Caterpillar Foundation

Since its founding in 1952, the Caterpillar Foundation has contributed to helping improve the lives of people around the world. As a company, Caterpillar works alongside our dealers and our customers to build the societal infrastructure needed to make the world run. 

The Foundation focuses on the complementary human, natural and basic services infrastructure needed for individuals to thrive and communities to be resilient. Part of its focus includes restoring natural ecosystems to withstand the shocks and stresses caused by environmental degradation and natural disasters and building basic infrastructure services, like water and energy, to help communities grow stronger and become more sustainable.

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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

In accordance with Caterpillar’s Human Rights Policy, this statement includes Caterpillar’s actions to comply with the objectives of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010, Section 54 of the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015, and the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018.

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Conflict Minerals Position Statement

Caterpillar is committed to the responsible sourcing of Conflict Minerals used in our products.

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Our high-performance standards for environmental, health and safety (EHS) encourage going beyond merely complying with EHS laws and regulations.

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