Human Rights

In accordance with Our Values in Action, Caterpillar is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights principles throughout our global operations.

We Support Individual and Collective Rights Across the Globe.

  • Our Code of Conduct, Human Rights Policy, Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement and Supplier Code of Conduct represent our commitment that we will not condone and will strive to eliminate all forms of forced labor, child labor, human trafficking and discrimination in the workplace.
  • We remain committed to establishing safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We value diversity as a foundational key to the success of our business strategy and seek to compensate our employees fairly and competitively where they work.
  • We respect the principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • We have compassion for all persons affected by conflict wherever it occurs, and we expect our directors, officers, employees, business partners and suppliers, including in conflict-affected areas, to comply with all applicable laws and conduct activities in a manner that respects human rights. This also applies to our subsidiaries and majority-owned joint ventures.

Read our Human Rights Policy

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