Employee Experience

At Caterpillar, we are committed to continuous improvement. We believe feedback plays a big role in helping us improve, and we prioritize listening and taking action to create a culture where employees can do their best work.

We care about the employee experience and seek to make it better. Each year, every employee is invited to participate in the confidential Employee Insights survey and provide their feedback and perspectives.

We made important changes to our employee listening programs. The enhancements give leaders the insights they need to make better decisions about how to lead their teams and ways to effectively influence business outcomes through people.

We know there are moments that matter throughout an employee’s career. Gathering insights from our new hires help us understand the onboarding experience. We gauge whether they feel welcome, have a sense of belonging and connection to the organization’s mission, have the tools and resources to enable them to do their job, and are proud to work here.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Caterpillar, we are committed to fostering a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment, and believe that diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a journey, not a destination.

We are proud of our progress and remain committed to continually working to ensure our workplace is diverse and representative of the countries in which we operate and the customers we serve around the globe. We continue to take action to ensure an inclusive environment where all employees have opportunities for personal and professional development and are welcome to learn, connect and foster a sense of belonging.


Employees in Office


2022 Annual Employee Insights Survey Snapshot

82% Response Rate to Employee Insights Survey in 2022

Our employees say our greatest strength is providing challenging and meaningful work.

Scores were at or above the benchmark on all survey questions.

Maintained the progress we’ve made over the past four years on the Inclusion Index scores.


20th anniversary celebration of the Caterpillar African American Network hosted in Peoria, Illinois

Man Giving Speech

The Caterpillar African American Network Celebrates 20 Years

Caterpillar’s first ERG, the Caterpillar African American Network (CAAN), was formed in 2002 and became the blueprint for Caterpillar’s 13 other ERGs.

CAAN has had a significant impact on our company, our culture and our community. While they were recruiting, mentoring, developing support systems and creating a sense of community for Black employees, they were also creating the prototype or roadmap for others to follow and do the same.

Cheryl Johnson

Chief Human Resources Officer