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A Conversation with George Moubayed

Chief Sustainability & Strategy Officer at Caterpillar

George Moubayed

At the beginning of 2024, George Moubayed, Caterpillar’s senior vice president — Enterprise Strategy Division, assumed new responsibilities as our chief sustainability & strategy officer. Here is his perspective on the importance of having sustainability embedded within our strategy for profitable growth, as well as his thoughts on his new role.


How do strategy and sustainability align?

The opportunities presented by the energy transition and our work to help customers achieve their climate-related objectives led us to add sustainability as a focus area of our enterprise strategy in 2022.

Each customer’s trajectory on this journey is unique, and we provide a range of solutions that meet them where they are. Our customers rely on us to provide diverse products, services and technologies to help lower GHG emissions, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver energy flexibility. We are confident in our ability to help customers reach their climate-related objectives.

Tell us about Caterpillar's sustainability journey. 

We continue to be transparent about our sustainability journey, sharing our goals, progress and innovations. In our 2020 Sustainability Report, we set seven sustainability goals for 2030. You can find these goals here. These goals encompass the sustainability of our products, as well as goals related to our operations, employee health & safety, customer safety and remanufacturing. In this report you can read more about our plans, as well as the progress we’ve made toward achieving these goals.


What do you plan to focus on as chief sustainability officer at Caterpillar?

Hands down, my most rewarding days at Caterpillar have been when I’m on site working with a customer, so I’m excited to work with our customers to help achieve their climate-related objectives.

Importantly, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, and we draw upon our diverse products, services and technologies to partner with our customers during the energy transition.

From supporting the development of the mine site of the future that can sustainably source materials critical to the energy transition to investing in machines that operate on alternative fuels, we are helping our customers reach their objectives. At the same time, our reciprocating engines and gas turbines can be used to support both grid stability and for upstream natural gas production and transmission.

In a large enterprise like Caterpillar, I also believe that effectively measuring and communicating our progress is essential, and we remain committed to being transparent about our own journey.

At Caterpillar, we take pride in what we do and make possible — and ultimately, how we help our customers build a better, more sustainable world.