Caterpillar Tales From the Rich and Famous

It’s not often that you can mention the likes of Charles Lindbergh, John Wayne, a famous Russian Czar or a motorcycle daredevil by the name of Evel Knievel in the same conversation. That is – until you realize this eclectic group of people – big celebrities in their day – all share a Caterpillar connection. Corporate Archivist Lee Fosburgh shares some of these surprising tales with Rusty Dunn about Cat® machines making history – celebrity edition! 

Bringing Water to Los Angeles: The Caterpillar Tractor

The Los Angeles Aqueduct was constructed over a distance of 30 miles from 1908 to 1913.

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The History Behind Helping Build One Of The Modern Wonders

The newest Caterpillar Visitors Center exhibit looks at the role our machines played in making this 20th century engineering marvel a reality.

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