Open Innovation

Investing in your Technology and sharing ours.

DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA THAT CAN HELP caterpillar’s customers succeed?  OR Can we help your customers SUCCEED?

Then we want to know about it!

Or maybe there’s a Caterpillar technology that could help you with your business challenges? Caterpillar has technologists in all the fields of science and engineering. Chances are if you have a need for a technical or business solution, Caterpillar will be able to help. Consider licensing a Caterpillar technology.

Use the “Submit Your Idea” button at the bottom of the page to tell us about a technology you’ve developed OR let us know you’re interested in a Caterpillar technology!  Caterpillar will evaluate your idea or request, and may connect you with the right group to develop the appropriate agreement.

Check out the technologies below—some of which we’ve already developed and others that we’re in the process of exploring.


Aftermarket Enabling Technologies 

Our opportunities to support our customers don’t end after a sale is made—they’re just beginning. From parts creation methods to supply chain logistics to additive manufacturing to customer interaction and beyond, the technologies in this space help our customers continue to drive efficiency and cost savings throughout the entire life cycle of our products.

Automation & Autonomy

Our customers need the best solutions for running an effective job site, with improved operator productivity, lower operating costs, and autonomous solutions for greater efficiency. That’s why we focus on developing technologies in the areas of automation, remote control, and autonomy, which provide a range of features from operator assist to full autonomous operation.

High-Efficiency Energy Conversion & Electrification 

Our customers save money, and the environment gets a helping hand – What’s not to love about energy improvements? With the technologies in this space, we’re working to increase power density, expand the use of alternative fuels, maximize efficiency of power systems, and introduce electrification into our product lines while significantly decreasing owning and operating costs.  

Digital: Connected Assets & Analytics

By using advanced analytics and big data, we help our customers manage and monitor their assets, whether they own one Cat® product or a fleet of hundreds. These technologies focus on telematics to digitally connect and monitor assets, alert owners to predictive maintenance opportunities to improve uptime, enhance operator guidance and awareness, and more—helping operations of all sizes and types work more efficiently, profitably, and safely.

Competitive Product Development

The technologies we develop are important…but how we develop them is just as critical. With efficient product development processes and tools, we ensure the highest quality and fast-paced innovation…getting our products into the hands of the customers who need them when they need them. In this technology area, we focus on virtual tools and simulation, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and much more.

Other Technologies

Caterpillar works in all fields of science and engineering to provide products and services for our customers, and we are looking to grow adjacent and transformational businesses. If you have an idea outside of the other categories on this page that could take Caterpillar to a new place or another level, we want to know about it!

Before continuing, Caterpillar encourages you to seek intellectual property protection for your ideas.