Caterpillar Locations in India


Primary Functions: Manufacturing, R&D

Industries Served: Compact Construction and Mining

Brands: Cat, Hindustan

Products Currently Produced: Backhoe loaders, Skid steer loaders, Off-highway trucks, Hydraulic Excavators, Motorgraders

About the Facility: Caterpillar's first production unit in India is located here. In 1971, the first off-highway truck produced at this factory was delivered to Coal India. It celebrated its Golden Jubilee (50th anniversary) milestone in 2021, with over 1300 employees.



Primary Functions: Manufacturing, R&D

Industries Served: Power generation, Transmission

Brands: Cat, Perkins

Products Currently Produced: Engines, Gensets and Drivetrain Transmissions

About the Facility: The facility had installed 150KW solar power panels and 40% of the electrical demand for the production of 1100 series engines are met by these solar panels. Moreover, the facility had taken the initiatives to improve the green belt.  More than 25% of the total area is covered with greeneries, plants and trees for a better environment. 



Primary Functions: Manufacturing, R&D

Industries Served: Power Generation – Electric Power market

Brands: Perkins

Products Currently Produced: Diesel engines

About the Facility:  This state-of-the-art production facility manufactures and supplies the complete range of Perkins 4000 and 5000 series engines for the power generation market, from 750KVa to 2500KVA. It has a capacity to produce 3000 engines per annum with the potential to expand to 5000 engines as demand for the product grows.



Primary Functions: Manufacturing, R&D

Industries Served: Mining, Quarry & Aggregates and Construction

Brands: Hindustan

Products Currently Produced: Wheel loaders



Primary Functions: Manufacturing, R&D

Industries Served: Rail

Brands: Progress Rail Innovation Pvt Ltd (PRIPL, formerly EMD Locomotive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

Products Currently Produced: Locomotive Control Systems



Primary Functions: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Research and Development (R&D)

Industries Served:  Caterpillar product groups across the globe

Brands: Cat

About the Facility:  The Chennai facility provides product development and associated engineering services (design, virtual validation and virtual manufacturing) to Caterpillar product groups across the globe. It also provides technology solutions that enable Telematics, engineering analytics, site technologies and autonomous machines.



Primary Function: Dealer capability support 

Industries Served: Construction, Mining, Power Generation, Rail

Brands: Cat, FG Wilson, SEM, Cat Financial

About the Facility: Our distribution services focuses on dealer portfolio management across the entire Caterpillar business. The organization aligns dealer / Caterpillar strategies and initiatives, ensuring that priorities are set, and that dealer / Caterpillar resources are allocated effectively to deliver superior customer experience & market leadership through Industry-best distribution performance. The Bangalore district office has single point accountability with dealer for all our business in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. The district office works to foster dealer relationships, deliver best-in-class distribution capabilities, assure dealer continuity, dealer financial health and drive dealer performance.



Solar Turbines having its registered office in Mumbai, offers gas turbine packages from 1-23MW. The products are used for development of oil, natural gas and power generation projects around the world both onshore and off shore. Solar Turbines’ products include gas turbine engines, gas compressors, and gas turbine-powered compressor, mechanical-drive and generator set packages. Some application areas include production, processing and pipeline transmission of natural gas and crude oil and generation of electricity and thermal energy for processing applications, such as manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food products. 

Perkins brand and the companies are wholly owned by Caterpillar Inc., since 1998. Perkins India Private Limited (PIPL) manufacturers powerful engines that help meet the needs of growing Asian customer base. PIPL produces the powerful Perkins 4000 series diesel engines ranging from 750 kW to 2250 Kw for the electric power generation market. Supporting a wide variety of applications, including prime power for offices and factories as well as standby power for hospitals and data centers, the Perkins 4000 series is the engine of choice for more and more customers for power generation.

Progress Rail Innovation Private Limited (PRIPL, formerly known as Electro-Motive Diesel or EMD) through its combined skill set, provides solutions for several aspects of mine-to-port transportation, offering complete railroad solutions to railways across the world, including locomotives, track, repower, signaling and safety technologies. In India, the railroad benefits from PRIPL’s complete railroad solutions, availability of parts and components, price competitiveness, reduced life cycle costs and greater asset utilization. These solutions are helping Indian Railways maintain productivity and reduce idle time to assure revenues as planned and enhance technology as per global standards. The PRIPL facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh manufactures sophisticated locomotive control systems equipment, including complex electronic control cabinets, and provides support services. This 100,000-square-foot facility employs over 150 people.