Providing Clean & Safe Drinking Water

India’s rapidly growing economy has created many benefits for its citizens, but it has also left many behind. As the country continues to grow, hundreds of millions of people in communities across the nation face poverty, resulting in unhygienic living conditions, malnutrition, and limited access to clean water.

To help solve this issue and provide communities with much-needed relief, the Caterpillar Foundation is partnering with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Through this partnership, our investment will help build piped water systems and bring clean water to under-served communities that need it most.

In some districts in the state of Odisha, it is estimated that between 4% and 20% of the population has access to improved water and sanitation services, while existing water sources face contamination from the lack of existing sanitation infrastructure.

charity: water is working in Odisha through a local partnership with Gram Vikas, an organization committed to improving the quality of life in rural communities across the state. This program aims to bring water and sanitation directly into each household, by constructing piped water systems with in-home connections and mobilizing communities to build their own toilets and bathing rooms in their homes. Through a 100% participation approach, the poorest and most marginalized are included and the entire community works together — across castes, class, and gender — towards a shared purpose, ultimately unifying the entire village.


  • Water system planning that includes water resource assessment, feasibility survey, and oversight of land use
  • Drilling of water sources
  • Construction of water tanks and pipes for the water supply system
  • Integrated sanitation-water-hygiene approach
  • Targeted Awareness programs covering topics such as safe disposal of excreta, personal hygiene, kitchen sanitation, water management
  • Monitoring water quality pre- and post-monsoon season

The Caterpillar Foundation has been a long-standing partner of charity: water since 2010, and our recent investment exemplifies our commitment to equipping communities with the resources and sustainable infrastructure they need to access basic services. Together, through our partnerships, we are building stronger, resilient and more sustainable communities.