Paying it Forward

Meet Xiu, a diversity and inclusion champion for future Caterpillar generations.




Xiu migrated to the U.S. when she was 12 years old and lived in New York City’s Chinatown where she spoke mostly Mandarin. After a few years, her family’s dream of entrepreneurship took shape when they accumulated enough money to open a Chinese buffet in Decatur, Illinois.

Xiu's transition from New York City to Decatur was a move that initially posed a cultural shock, more than moving from China to New York. In Decatur, people who looked like Xiu and her family were scarce, and she faced cultural misconceptions and challenges being in a smaller town. However, her parents' courage in taking calculated risks inspired her to embrace the challenges. Working at the family restaurant before starting high school in Decatur taught her valuable skills in communication and navigating language and cultural barriers. She learned quickly, which helped her socialize with classmates and later manage the family business throughout high school and college.

Xiu joined Caterpillar as an intern supporting the Large Mining Truck group in May 2002. "I didn't want to go too far from my family," she said. Xiu interned at Caterpillar between her junior and senior years of college and later worked part-time while finishing her degree in accounting. Xiu joined Caterpillar full-time in 2003.


Xiu with her daughter
Xiu in front of mining trucks


Since joining Caterpillar, Xiu has held various accounting and leadership positions throughout the global enterprise, including in China, Singapore and the United States. Today, she is on the advisory board of the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group, where she supports and champions our diversity and inclusion journey at Caterpillar.

“Since being accepted into the Caterpillar family with such open arms, I feel obligated to pay it forward. I also think we all have a collective obligation to drive continuous positive change for future generations. I am sure each of us has our personal "why,” and I encourage everyone to find theirs to champion a stronger diversity and inclusion culture.”