Strive for workforce representation that is reflective of the communities where we live and operate.

Makes Inclusion a Priority for Female Employees">Caterpillar’s Powertrain Factory in India Makes Inclusion a Priority for Female Employees

woman in Indian factory

Caterpillar’s state-of-the-art facility in Thiruvallur, India, produces important products used in construction and mining around the world, including off-highway trucks, hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders. The team there takes great pride in the steps they take to drive inclusion. Last year they led an effort to examine the ergonomic conditions for women on the factory floor.

Their study found that some machines needed ergonomic accommodations to eliminate safety risks when operated by women. By making a number of simple, gender-inclusive changes to how machines were run, the team increased safety metrics and produced more defect-free components. The new approach required investment in training, and the Thiruvallur factory is proud to host its first all-women machinist cell on the machine shop floor.

Ongoing Partnership for People with Disabilities

For nearly a century, Caterpillar has partnered with three Central Illinois organizations to provide work opportunities for adults with disabilities. Our partnerships with EP!C, Community Workshop and Training Center and Peoria Production Shop merge the unique talents of adults with disabilities with Caterpillar’s large workshop spaces for use as contract packaging facilities. Each facility is connected to Caterpillar’s systems and individuals are trained as Caterpillar employees.

Workshop Participants
Workshop Participants


In 2020, Caterpillar joined a coalition of dozens of major corporations committed to upskilling, hiring and promoting one million Black Americans over the next 10 years into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement. The coalition formed OneTen, an organization whose goal is to make meaningful, measurable and lasting impact on racial and economic justice. Since joining OneTen, we have more than doubled our commitment in terms of hiring and promoting Black talent.

Woman writing on whiteboard
Woman writing on whiteboard

Emerging Markets
Emerging Leaders

In 2020, Caterpillar launched the Emerging Markets Emerging Leaders program, sponsored by Group Presidents to develop in region future leaders and equip them with the right tools, network and capabilities to lead in an emerging market environment. Hundreds of professionals from more than 30 nationalities — including Africa, the Middle East and India — have participated in the program so far.

employees working in a conference room
employees working in a conference room

Building Diverse
Corporate Achievers

Earlier this year, 15 Construction Industries (CI) participants from around the world participated in a six-month program aimed at accelerating development and increasing visibility for diverse talent at lower levels in the organization. Participants were able to get outside their location and function and learn a different part of the business, working with peers from around the world. At the end of the program, participants shared their recommendations with CI leaders, who found the participants’ recommendations from the project useful and are considering how to put them into action.

Man in front of dozer
Man in front of dozer

Making Strides for Women in Caterpillar’s Mexico Production Facilities 

Over the past few years, the Advanced Components and Manufacturing (ACM) teams in Monterrey, Reynosa and Acuña, Mexico, continue making strides in recruiting and retaining women within their workplaces and creating inclusive work environments.

The creation of Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) Employee Resource Group chapters in each ACM Mexico location has been vital to the positive results. The WIN chapters were developed with goals to create inclusive environments that empower women, avoid bias and increase the overall number of women working in each facility — both in leadership and non-leadership roles.

The chapters also sought to increase understanding and encourage their male coworkers to become allies for supporting women with opportunities for meaningful career development. Creating a culture where all points of view and opinions are valued has produced positive results, aligned with the Workforce Composition pillar of Caterpillar’s D&I Framework:  

  • In Monterrey, women in leadership roles and overall representation of women has increased through training dedicated to empowering women and avoiding bias. They have also collaborated with local universities to introduce young women to Caterpillar careers.
  • In Reynosa, the team has made an impact by providing personal protective equipment that it tailored to better fit women and has intentionally been more inclusive in hiring searches for production roles, such as welding. In 2016, Reynosa had less than 15 employees who identify as women, all working in administrative roles. Today, there are more than 60 women welders in the facility, as well as women in roles such as painting, materials, operations, support and administration.
  • The Acuña team has also made outstanding improvements through their inclusion efforts and implementation of a local WIN chapter. By fostering an inclusive environment, it provides a platform that enriches culture, welcomes new traditions and strives for continuous improvement. 
DI WIN Reynosa

Foster an inclusive environment where people feel valued, respected and have a sense of belonging

Inclusive Communication">Creating Opportunity through Inclusive Communication

According to the World Health Organization, 5% of the world’s population lives with hearing loss, impacting quality of life and, sometimes, options for employment. To increase inclusion and belonging, Caterpillar’s Brazil team recently focused on improving the resources and tools needed to communicate with employees who are deaf or hearing-impaired. 

These tools include in-person and online sign language interpreters, video subtitles, sign language courses and transparent face shield masks during the pandemic to allow visual lip reading. In addition, they ensured the processes were clearly outlined in writing for manufacturing procedures and safety tools and created ways for all employees to submit improvement ideas.

“Not every company provides this accessible and differentiated service. I am grateful for the additional resources and happy that they are helping me improve every day. That is why Caterpillar is one of the best companies to work for in Brazil,” Paula, a deaf Caterpillar Brazil employee said.


While the processes and technology were designed to help employees who are deaf, the exposure to different communication tools like interpreters and sign language courses helped employees without hearing loss become more aware of others.

Creating a welcoming workplace strengthens Caterpillar’s reputation as an inclusive company and is just one of the many reasons Caterpillar has been named one of the best companies to work for in Brazil.

Jenny is Reaching Her Career Goals and Giving Back in Return

Nearly three decades ago, Jenny found herself in front of Caterpillar’s booth at a local career fair. She did not know anything about Caterpillar but needed a job that would challenge her.

Motivated by how Caterpillar encourages employees to be continuous learners, Jenny joined the team as an administrative assistant and became the first local Shanghai Diesel Joint Venture employee in the technical and operations department. Inspired by mentors, she set out to learn all parts of the business and develop strong business acumen. Jenny credits self-directed learning, on-the-job experiences and formal classroom learning for advancing her career.

In 2013, Jenny became the first female district manager in China. As a female leader in a key role, she was inspired to help other women at Caterpillar break barriers in their careers. In partnership with seven other female leaders, Jenny helped form a club focused on giving back by mentoring female employees.

Club members meet regularly to share experiences and advice. The club hosts an annual conference called Women in Leadership (WIL), which focuses on mentoring, career succession, diversity and inclusion and networking.

The annual event attracts about 100 participants each year and focuses on leadership. Participants include both women and men as allies to drive the changes necessary for women to succeed in leadership roles.

Jenny is passionate about paving the way for women in predominantly male fields. Her advice is to take risks, be openminded and adopt a continuous learning mindset. Mentoring has significantly impacted Jenny’s career, and she values the lessons she has learned from mentors the most. She’s come a long way from her first role as an administrative assistant to managing a district office and credits the learning opportunities throughout her career as the key to her success.


Safe Space Training

The Caterpillar Lambda Network employee resource group offers courses for all employees to learn about the ways they can make a difference in diversity and inclusion efforts related to LGBTIQ+ employees. Participants in these courses have learned different perspectives and tools to become effective champions of LGBTIQ+ inclusion at Caterpillar and be a part of the safe space initiative to foster that inclusion.

Caterpillar Employees collage in pride flag
Caterpillar Employees collage in pride flag

Hockey Play Inspires Team to Leverage Diversity and Transform how They Work

The Solar Turbines airfoils manufacturing team has found inclusion inspiration in an unlikely place. The “Flying V” play in hockey requires players to skate in a V-shape formation. Using everyone’s unique skills and strengths, the team moves together, and momentum builds with every stride. Together, using everyone’s diverse skills, the team is stronger.

The Solar team took that inspiration and realized that they could be more powerful together and sought to capitalize on their generational, ethnic and gender diversity to cross-train between product lines and use technology to share information.

The “Airfoils Flying V, Manufacturing Engineers Fly Together” project organized manufacturing engineers into three product teams based on communication styles, personality types and work experiences. These teams cross-trained each other on their respective product lines while using technology platforms to share information, training files and documents.

The results of this intentional partnership are impressive and have been sustained for over two years: 

  • 180% increase in product line experience
  • 30% reduction in cycle time
  • Strong improvement in employee engagement and job satisfaction

Through this collaboration, aligned to Workplace Culture in Caterpillar’s D&I Framework, team members report faster learning curves, greater team camaraderie, and more opportunity to spot problems. According to Taloa Young, senior manufacturing engineer, “My knowledge increased by working through issues not common to my product line.” 

FlyingV team

Provide opportunities, make investments and enhance workforce readiness in underserved global communities

Our Supplier Diversity Vision

“Our global diverse team and supply network helps Caterpillar fulfill its long-standing commitment to producing world-class products and services to those we serve. We continually build strong supplier partnerships that align with Caterpillar’s diversity strategy to deliver on our promise to help our customers build a better world.”

Pam Heminger
Senior Vice President, Strategic Procurement & Planning Division
Caterpillar Inc.


Learn More about Caterpillar's Supplier Diversity Efforts

Pam Heminger, Vice President

The Power of STEM: Fueling the Future of Manufacturing 
& Service Tech Careers

Harlee in MTL


Since Harlee was a young girl, her father was always tinkering and fixing things — a habit picked up by her older brother, and Harlee too. “Of course, me being the little sister I wanted to be like my big brother, always doing hands on work, always turning wrenches and handing him tools,” Harlee said. It took a few years, but that dream came true. 

Today, Harlee is two years into the technician apprenticeship program at Cat dealer Carter Machinery. She’s also proud to be the first female technician in that shop. As a service technician, Harlee is starting a profession that is high in demand — in high tech jobs — and has high potential for a future career. It is a role that has a strong STEM connection, as Harlee will tell you that math and science are important to her daily work. 

“You need to know how many quarts to a gallon or how much load a bucket can handle on a wheel loader,” Harlee said. “What additives do you need to put in the axles to make them last longer to do their job better?" 

Young Harlee


"Just because it may have been boring in school or you weren’t good at it, that doesn’t mean you can’t have this career.”

The future of the manufacturing industry is heavily dependent upon today’s STEM education. This is one of the many reasons Caterpillar believes in strengthening STEM education programs and the STEM pipeline, including the need for the next generation of technicians to work at one of the 161 Cat dealer locations around the world.

2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report

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