From Internship to Leadership

Feifei C. joined Caterpillar as an assembly intern in 2018 through the company’s Building Construction Products (BCP) Wujiang, China, early talent program, but it wouldn’t take long before her innate aptitude for mechanics would steer her toward a leadership role.

After completing her internship, Feifei was given the opportunity to stay with Caterpillar. As a full-time staff member, she has not only worked at her primary station, but also has had the opportunity to rotate through different positions to build her skills. She found each new role she took on both challenging and rewarding, feeding her curiosity and sense of accomplishment every step of the way.

Within a year, Feifei acquired skills in five different positions, earning the reputation of being a "learning prodigy" within the team. When a leadership opportunity came around, she volunteered to step in, and with the approval of her supervisor, became the acting team leader for the packaging team. “The positive and inclusive team atmosphere fostered a strong sense of unity among us,” she said.

With Feifei at the helm, not only did the team excel in quality and safety, but also seized the opportunity to identify hidden waste in processes.