Supply Chain

Materials matter here. So do you.

For every new road or bridge that connects people and enables commerce, there was once a fleet of Cat® machines at work—and those machines were once just iron and steel. As a member of our supply chain team, you’ll make sure those raw materials make their way into our factories, where they’re transformed into the products that help build a better world. We’re seeking process-driven, results-oriented supply chain professionals and engineers with:

  • A good balance of technical and interpersonal skills
  • The willingness to take responsibility for operational quality, velocity and safety
  • The ability to interact with and motivate others
  • The desire to work in a team environment

Build your career at the company that sets the standard.

Caterpillar’s supply chain processes are so complex—and successful—that we’re regularly benchmarked by other companies and taught as a case study in many classrooms. Working here, you’ll take responsibility for ensuring we have the material we need, when and where we need it, to meet customer demand. That may involve interacting with suppliers or using the latest digital, analytics and forecasting tools to determine exactly how many units are needed in specific timeframes, locations and configurations.

As you build your skills, you’ll have the chance to move into different supply chain roles or jobs in procurement or other parts of the company. You might also get the opportunity to join our three-year professional development rotation. With tracks in leadership, supply chain management, manufacturing engineering, procurement and environmental health and safety, it lets you explore different aspects of our business and gain new technical and leadership abilities.

Interested in Supply Chain? Check out our Leadership & Technical Development Program