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Our Legacy

Enjoy the ingenious machines from our rich heritage, and more importantly, the people who founded and built the company one breakthrough at a time. Beginning with Benjamin Holt and C. L. Best, the people of Caterpillar have always been – and continue to be – extraordinary.

Our History

Over the last century we’ve grown with our customers. We’ve changed together as the world has changed: creating, building, problem solving, innovating, testing, servicing and improving. When customers choose our products, services and solutions today, they also gain nearly 100 years of experience and expertise. 

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A Glimpse into Our Corporate Archives

Our Corporate Archives team has the important role of telling, preserving and showcasing Caterpillar’s history and the role our equipment, customers and people have played in projects around the world.  

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Each week we open our vault to share stories of our people and products over the last 95+ years. Check out our most recent features here, or view the collection.

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Holt Manufacturing Company office, 1922. Holt Manufacturing Company office, 1922.


1922 - Caterpillar’s two predecessor companies, Holt and Best, understood how superior parts and services differentiated them from their competitors. This image shows the beginning of Holt’s effort to create a network of parts warehouses across the United States to meet the demands of their dealers and customers. 

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Holt Employee Badge. Holt Employee Badge.


1910 - The Archives received this rare employee badge as a donation from Steve Tremain. In 1910 Steve’s grandfather, Harry Clyde Tremain, worked in Holt’s Combine Harvester Division in Stockton, CA.

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Caterpillar Employees working in the United Kingdom, ca. 1970. Caterpillar Employees working in the United Kingdom, ca. 1970.


1951 - Caterpillar opens its first facility outside the United States. Located in central England, the facility manufactured Cat® parts to meet the growing needs of our customers across Europe. 

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Holt Steam Tractor Components, ca. 1900. Holt Steam Tractor Components, ca. 1900.


1890 - See a page from what maybe our first parts book. The product is a steam tractor and the page depicts the door to it's boiler. 

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