From Wheels to Tracks: The Machine that Changed Everything

It is literally the day the wheels came off. Thanksgiving Day 1904. Caterpillar’s origin story began in the Benjamin Holt household 115 years ago – the day he decided it was time to test his prototype track-type tractor. 

In the monumental move from steam to tracks, Corporate Archives Manager Lee Fosburgh tells the story of the machine that changed everything, and as it turns out was one of the earliest examples of a Caterpillar machine being supported by what we today call aftermarket services!  

You will also learn how Holt was successful in making a technological leap (from steam power to gasoline power) during the building of one of the greatest civil engineering projects of the 20th century – the Los Angeles Aqueduct!

In this new video, Lee talks to Rusty Dunn from Enterprise Communications about Caterpillar history in the making. Enjoy!  

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