Versatility was Key Product Benefit of Caterpillar Model Twenty-Two

The Model Twenty-Two track-type tractor was manufactured at the East Peoria plan from 1934 through 1939. The first spec sheet from 1934 indicated that the tractor had a 4-cylinder, 4x5-inch bore and stroke engine rated at 23.69 drawbar horsepower and 29.39 belt horsepower.  It weighed in at 6,150 pounds. More than 15,000 of these tractors were built and came in both a standard 40-inch gauge and a wide 50-inch gauge. In 1934, the standard 40-inch gauge retailed for $1,450 and the wide 50-inch gauge for $1,500. 

The Twenty-Two was a versatile machine, as it was paired with a wide variety of other equipment depending on the job at hand. Most notably, the tractor was available as an orchard model, with fenders mounted over the tracks to keep branches out of the tracks as the tractor moved through the orchards.

On a farm it would have been paired with a 12 to 15-foot engine driven combine, 3 or 4 plow bottoms, one 10-foot disc harrow, a mower or 20 feet of grain drills. In logging or industry applications, it would have been able to handle small wagons, sleighs, logging winches or oilfield winches.  

For construction and roadwork, it would have been paired with the Caterpillar No. 22 Blade Grader, No. 22 Terracer, No. 4 Hi-Way Patrol or No. 1 Terracer.  It could have also been paired with ½-yard rollover scrapers or small bulldozers built by other manufacturers.