Capturing Opportunity with the Belt & Road Initiative

May 16, 2018

Did you know that China plans to build 60 new airports by 2020, India’s national railway is laying 9.5 kilometers of tracks every day, and there are about 300 construction projects underway in Africa?

To address this opportunity, the Chinese government launched the Belt & Road Initiative in 2013. It’s an ambitious, forward-looking, multi-generational project that will contribute to economic development, grow industrialization and improve living standards throughout multiple nations along its routes.

This initiative is well-suited for Caterpillar, our dealers and our customers now and for many years to come. It includes building roads, highways, overpasses, bridges, dams and other essential infrastructure in Africa, China and the Middle East.

Check out how Caterpillar, our dealers and our customers are already hard at work supporting this initiative.

Providing Power Shortage Solutions in Pakistan
China has been working to help Pakistan solve the country’s severe power shortages for several years.

By offering industry-leading solutions that are backed by unmatched service, Caterpillar and Cat® dealer Westrac helped support a Chinese overseas contractor who built a world-class power station – Pakistan’s Balloki Power Plant. The plant now has an estimated annual power capacity of 10 billion kwh.

Supporting Customers’ Overseas Development in Belarus

The 86-kilometer M5 highway (Zhrobin-Gomel section) was the first project of large contractor China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) in Belarus.

Our SEM brand offered a package of solutions including 30 wheel loaders, seven bulldozers and three motor graders to help our customer complete the construction with high efficiency. SEM partnered with the local dealer and sent senior engineers to provide operations and maintenance training.

Increasing Capacity of the Largest Port in Ghana

The Tema Container Port covers more than 80 percent of Ghana’s port logistics, and the port’s expansion is an important milestone of the maritime industry in Ghana.

Expansion includes the construction of four 150,000-ton container berths with a total length of 1,400 meters, the construction of a 4,000-meter breakwater and waterway dredging.

Working on the project are 12 Cat excavators, including two of our largest models – the 374 FL and 390FL. Our dealer CEL offered tailor-made long reach to meet the new demand for port construction. With full support from Caterpillar and CEL, the expanded Tema port is an important trade and investment center in West Africa.  

Improving People’s Livelihood in Kuwait

Kuwait’s South Al Mutlaa City Project covers the construction of housing, roads and other infrastructure for approximately 400,000 residents when completed.

Our dealer Al-bahar offered Cat and SEM products, including motor graders, wheel loaders, bulldozers and generator sets, with more than 60 units. The project is expected to contribute to the improvement of local infrastructure, the transformation and upgrade of local industries, and the development of Kuwait’s national economy and society.