2023: Caterpillar Foundation Rooted in Community Impact Globally

January 23, 2024

2023: Rooted in Community Impact Globally

Current Caterpillar Cares Program Participants:

2023 was a year of milestones for the Caterpillar Foundation and its partner organizations as we worked together to make a positive impact in communities around the world.

Employee Action in Local Communities

Caterpillar employees are at the heart of Caterpillar Foundation’s philanthropic commitments, and their passion is evident in the gifts of their time, talents and financial contributions.

Their support manifested in many ways. One example was planting thousands of trees worldwide with partner One Tree Planted. From the landscapes of Europe to the heart of Africa and beyond, each tree symbolizes Caterpillar employees’ commitment to reforestation, fortifying water systems, and addressing climate change mitigation.

Caterpillar employees and retirees demonstrated remarkable generosity this year, exceeding a record-breaking $14.8 million in pledges to United Way chapters across the United States, Mexico, Canada and Panama. Additionally, via Caterpillar Foundation’s Matching Gifts and the inaugural Volunteer Service Match programs, we were able to give $10.8 million and over 100,000 hours of volunteer time to thousands of charities across the globe. 

In times of crisis, our community also swiftly responded to global disasters with $3.7 million donated to response organizations.


21st Century Workforce

We know how important it is to prepare the next generation for the challenges of today and tomorrow through STEM, Technical and Vocational Education and Training. That is why we have supported programs in 30 countries around the world in 2023.

Caterpillar Foundation’s collaboration with the International Youth Foundation has yielded heartening results through the EquipYouth program. Providing manufacturing and IT skills training to young individuals in Latin America resulted in an 85% completion rate, with 63% of graduates securing employment.

Another partner, Prestasi Junior Indonesia has been instrumental in narrowing the gender gap in STEM through the Girls Exploring STEM program, which focused on improving work-readiness skills for 1,310 women matriculating at 35 high school levels on Batam Island. Thanks to this program, 350 young women are now able to attend vocational schools to pursue their STEM interests.

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Sustainable Infrastructure

As the world navigates the complex web of environmental challenges, Caterpillar Foundation’s approach is centered on cultivating resilience in communities, fostering biodiversity, and shaping sustainable practices in 20 countries that stand the test of time.

In West Bengal, the Foundation is working with Water for People to enhance water, sanitation and hygiene systems for more than 1 million people, recognizing that access to clean water is not only a fundamental right but a catalyst for improved health, education and productivity.

Through Groundwork NE & Cumbria's Revitalising Our Estuaries initiative, the Foundation is helping to implement nature-based solutions across 6 Estuaries in North-East England by restoring habitats and protecting priority species while supporting employment and environmental jobs while putting young and disadvantaged people at the forefront of revitalization.


Looking to the Future

Caterpillar Foundation’s accomplishments were enabled by its partner organizations and Caterpillar employees as we worked together to develop tailored solutions for local challenges. Looking to the future, Caterpillar Foundation President Asha Varghese says, "Collective efforts have been the driving force behind our impact, and I am filled with hope for the prospect of building even more resilient communities in 2024.”