Investing In Our Planet Every Day

April 21, 2022

Earth Day, celebrated each year on April 22 since 1970, provides an opportunity to look at Caterpillar’s commitment to building a better world. While Caterpillar has a long history of investing in our planet, the last year has provided growth in our company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. 

Year in Review

Since May 2021, Caterpillar has made our dedication to creating a better world clear in several ways:

  • Established seven aspirational sustainable development goals.
  • Incorporated ESG performance into the 2022 incentive plan for executives.
  • Committed to utilize the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures framework to further enhance our sustainability reporting beginning in 2023.
  • Created a new executive leadership position of Chief Sustainability & Strategy Officer, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Published our first Diversity and Inclusion Report.

Supporting Our Customers

Global construction and mining companies. International technology firms. Worldwide energy and transportation providers. Across industries and around the globe, our customers are moving towards a reduced-carbon future. They need alternatives to established fuels and energy sources to power their work while growing their businesses. We are committed to providing the solutions to help our customers achieve their climate-related objectives while meeting their requirements for performance, durability and economic value. Our advanced power offerings facilitate fuel transition, increased operational efficiency and reduced emissions. Caterpillar will enable our customers to achieve their climate-related goals as they build a better, more sustainable world.

Innovation that Drives Value

Caterpillar has been the product and services provider of choice since our earliest days. Our component development and system integration expertise, ability to apply proven solutions across products and industries, and unmatched after-sales support network set us apart. Now we’re applying our advanced capabilities to the energy transition. 

Partnership is key. We’ll continue to work alongside our customers to identify their challenges, understand their requirements and deliver solutions that help them be more successful with Caterpillar than with anyone else. The work they do—building and maintaining infrastructure, producing commodities, generating power and transporting goods—is essential and irreplaceable. Our job is to help them do it more sustainably throughout the lifecycle of our products. 

We’re committed to providing the advanced power that allows our customers to achieve their goals—lower greenhouse gas emissions, energy flexibility and business sustainability. Now more than ever, customers can count on Caterpillar.

Want to learn more about Caterpillar’s long-standing commitment to sustainability? Visit our Sustainability website at