hands holding a globe
hands holding a globe

Standing Up for Dignity and Respect

March 19, 2021

Chairman and CEO Jim Umpleby shared the following message with employees:

Fellow employees,

The increase of harassment, intimidation and violence against Asian Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders is yet another tragic and urgent reminder of the deep-seated divisions that negatively impact diverse communities across the U.S. and around the world. Those divisions ultimately diminish us all.

Everyone deserves to live with dignity and respect, free from discrimination, harassment, racism and violence. Racial prejudice, discriminatory behavior and hate have no place in our global communities, and they have no place at Caterpillar. 

Our Values in Action require each of us to respect all people and their opinions, experiences and backgrounds. I’ve asked before and do so again; consider how your words and actions align with our Values and how they contribute to creating an environment of respect and inclusivity at work and in your communities. 

This may be a difficult time for our employees in the Asian American, Asian and Pacific Islander communities. I encourage you to take advantage of our well-being resources or seek support through our employee assistance program, if you need them.  

When we stand together, we make Caterpillar a stronger company and contribute to building a better world.

Jim Umpleby's Signature

Jim Umpleby
Caterpillar Chairman & CEO