PODCAST: Celebrating [Modern] Manufacturing

October 14, 2021

Modern manufacturing isn’t what it used to be. It’s better.

Dirty, noisy assembly lines? Nope. Dark, dingy spaces? Think again. If you’ve never worked in or even visited a production facility, you have some catching up to do. 

In this special edition Beyond The Iron podcast, host Rusty Dunn sits down with two Caterpillar production facility managers from Seguin, Texas and Clayton, North Carolina – Brad Bowdoin and Sandra Holden – who describe what it's like working in an ultra-modern manufacturing environment.

We’re is celebrating manufacturing this month, showing our appreciation for the people who are doing the work that matters – providing the essential products that enable our customers to build a better world. With insight and candor, Bowdoin and Holden talk about their respective employees, and the importance of building a culture of teamwork, collaboration and innovation. They also don’t shy away from the challenges due to the global pandemic, while continuing to do the essential work in their facilities.  

Podcast Program Guide (24:16 total run time)    
1:46 – Celebrating the work that matters in Seguin, Texas and Clayton, North Carolina.

4:10 – A surprising (and quiet) description of the modern manufacturing environment. 

7:30 – Knowing your team and nurturing a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

10:22 – Riding the ups and downs of a global pandemic from the facility’s front lines. 

12:15 – Staying safe, getting creative, and making product.

16:44 – Thinking about a career in manufacturing? Ask Sandra and Brad. 

20:35 – Positive and negative lessons learned over the last 18-months.