Not All Machines Are Yellow

November 30, 2021

Our customers are the center of everything we do. So how did our building construction products (BCP) team celebrate a customer’s purchase of their 938th Cat® 938 Wheel Loader? With the machine of a different color. 

Color Me Surprised! 

The BCP team recently invited leaders from Copart to celebrate the milestone purchase at the Edward J. Rapp Customer and Training Center in Clayton, North Carolina, U.S. A proud Caterpillar customer, Copart is a global provider of vehicle auction and remarketing services to automotive resellers. 

Following a facility tour, Copart was presented with a special-edition machine featuring a Copart-blue color scheme. Employees who assembled the machine also signed and presented a commemorative plaque to honor the occasion.  

Copart praised the performance, efficiency, and versatility of the 938M and thanked the team for their commitment to people, safety, quality, and unmatched sales and service support. The machine will serve as a definite source of pride thanks to a colorful approach to serving our customers.   

Colorful Customer Solutions Around the World

Whether to honor a milestone or improve safety, we’re no stranger to providing custom paint solutions on our products. Learn more about how we helped make service and maintenance safer and faster with colorful generators at a customer site in Switzerland. Yellow may be in our blood, but it’s all about the customer!


A customer’s 938th Cat® 938 Wheel Loader in a special blue color scheme


Production employees wore special blue shirts and gave Copart a warm welcome during a facility tour. 


Applied during the manufacturing process, these colorful generators turned a few heads as they made their way down the assembly line at the Caterpillar facility in Lafayette, Indiana.

Cat® 938 Wheel Loader in a special blue color scheme
Copart BCP
colored generators