Supplier Communication Guidelines

Last Updated: October 2023

Caterpillar values the relationships we build with our suppliers and wants to ensure our best interests are represented and we are fair when working with our business partners. We recognize that suppliers often wish to publicize their relationship with us.

Suppliers’ public communications that reference Caterpillar must be vetted through the supplier’s Caterpillar contact who will coordinate reviews. Submit your request and include as much detail as possible in the comments.

Given Caterpillar’s volume of suppliers, the following public communication guidelines were developed with an objective to:

  • Mitigate risk and protect Caterpillar's brand by avoiding other company product endorsements.
  • Avoid releasing competitive and confidential information.
  • Treat suppliers fairly and equally.

If you are not a current Caterpillar supplier, but are interested in learning how to become one, we encourage you to review the information in our Potential Suppliers web page.



  • Per suppliers’ agreements with Caterpillar, suppliers are obligated to refrain from disclosing Caterpillar’s confidential information to anyone, except as expressly permitted. Some public statements of non-confidential / non-proprietary facts about Caterpillar's relationship with the supplier are appropriate but should be approved by Caterpillar.


Communications that are typically accepted include: 

  • Announcements of new, renewed or amended contracts with Caterpillar.
  • Announcements of supplier quality awards from Caterpillar.
  • High-level descriptions of services provided to Caterpillar.
  • Statements of relationship with Caterpillar, in text form, using the following template:
    (Name of Company) is a supplier for Caterpillar Inc. in (geographic area/country) for (name of product/service).  
  • Showing the product (or the product photo) that the supplier produces for Caterpillar as part of a sample of the supplier’s work. The supplier’s product and supplier’s brand should remain the focus of the communications and / or marketing material. The emphasis on Caterpillar should be consistent with the treatment of other clients of the supplier. A supplier cannot create a perception they are representing Caterpillar. Examples include displays at trade shows and events, and photos at supplier’s facilities.


The following are rarely permitted. Any exceptions will require additional approval*:

  • Use of Caterpillar’s photos, logo or trademarked name on supplier’s marketing materials, such as websites, pamphlets, brochures, radio / television / print / digital advertising materials.
  • Details beyond the high-level description about products / services / consulting provided by the supplier to Caterpillar.
  • Details about equipment manufactured / installed by the supplier for a Caterpillar facility.
  • Case studies or white papers.
  • Dollar amounts and / or volume of any contracts.
  • Assumptions as to how the supplier’s products / services have improved Caterpillar’s operations.
  • Endorsements of the supplier's product / service (for example: testimonials, quotes from employees, presenters at a supplier’s conference, etc.).
  • Letters of recommendation.

* Please note: Additional approvals often require significant lead times.