The Evolving Look of Cat® Machines

From a red wavy Caterpillar logo on gray paint to our current Cat® triangle logo on our yellow paint, the look of our brand has evolved significantly over the last 90 years…

1925 – A wavy logo/symbol was adopted by the new Caterpillar Tractor Co. All Caterpillar machines were painted battleship gray.


1927 – New Caterpillar track-type tractor models were labeled differently from the original 1925 product line.


1930 – Caterpillar officially dropped the wavy logo/symbol printed in text, although the wavy logo remained in cast parts for a few years.


1931 – Caterpillar changed the paint color of its machines from gray to Hi-Way Yellow.


1950 – Caterpillar started using “Cat” on machines. Prior to that only “Caterpillar” was used.


1955 – Series letters start appearing on machines after the model name to distinguish new models from the old ones.


1967 – Block-C logo was introduced, along with trade dress box that contained logo and model name. Previously, placement of branding and model name was more varied.


1979 – Caterpillar discontinues the use of its Hi-Way Yellow paint color and implements a new color: Caterpillar Yellow.


1991 – Beltline was introduced to Cat trade dress. This change was the first use of a color other than black, white, or yellow since 1931.


2006 – Cat Power Edge trade dress introduced.


2018 - The next generation of Cat product trade dress introduced: Cat Modern Hex.


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