Innovation in the United Kingdom

Caterpillar has a world-class team of over 1,000 professional engineers across 19 locations covering the U.K. With a diverse set of skills covering product design and development, performance and validation testing, system control and integration, machine learning and data analytics, the engineering team is a critical component of the global Caterpillar team.

With sustainability as a core value, the U.K. team develops services and products which place us at the forefront of the green future. These advancements take account of the entire lifecycle, increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving interconnectedness of systems and minimizing waste through remanufacturing expertise.

Building on its position as a major center of excellence, the Caterpillar team has established an ecosystem of innovation. We have strong relationships with several leading universities across the U.K. We are working closely together to engage in fundamental learning to solve both challenging near-term problems and disruptive research. Coupling this with collaborative relationships with pioneering, agile businesses and not-for-profit organizations provides an exciting opportunity for everyone involved.