United States

As one of America’s oldest manufacturers, Caterpillar is proud to be an American company serving the U.S. and the world since 1925.

We manufacture in every region in the world to support our global customers, but there’s no country where we employ more people than the United States. With more than 60+ primary locations in 25 states and dealers from coast to coast, Caterpillar is a part of the United States infrastructure. And that’s an infrastructure that we’re proud to have had a hand in building over the last century.

  • Primary Locations: 60+*
  • U.S. Employment: 42,200+*
    * Source: 2019 10-K

As a leading U.S. exporter, Caterpillar employed workers in the U.S. build products that are shipped around the world. Several of our U.S. facilities are single source manufacturing locations for all global sales, including:

  • Large track-type tractors (East Peoria, Illinois)
  • Large mining trucks (Decatur, Illinois)
  • Large motor graders (North Little Rock, Arkansas)
  • Gas turbines (San Diego, California)
  • Smallest track-type tractors (Athens, Georgia)