Doing Our Part: Ensuring the Broad Impact of STEM Education Across the U.S.

Access to quality STEM education has the ability to change the lives of many students. The Caterpillar Foundation believes that expanding access to STEM education in under-served communities, across the United States and around the world, equips students with the right skills and knowledge to thrive.

The Caterpillar Foundation, in partnership with Discovery Education and the National Afterschool Association, has joined the STEM Careers Coalition, a bold, national K-12 STEM careers initiative that is broadly impact on student learning. Through this initiative, the Caterpillar Foundation, over the next three years, will stand alongside peers across industries and influence the STEM learning continuum for students nationwide. 

As a signature partner of the STEM Careers Coalition, the Caterpillar Foundation is supporting comprehensive initiatives empowering educators to teach STEM effectively in the classroom, fostering equity and access to quality education, and building the next generation of solution-seekers at no-cost to schools. The Foundation will also support essential after-school engagement programs such as digital learning experiences, provide job support through career portals, carry out research, directly invest into local middle and high school programs in a number of Caterpillar communities and DE markets, along with additional efforts to promote inclusion and STEM learning. The Caterpillar Foundation is committed to bridging the access gap in STEM education by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM within the Caterpillar communities that need it most. By leveraging our partnership with Discovery Education and the National Afterschool Association, in what is one of Discovery Education’s largest initiatives to date – we’re working towards a more equitable world for all and building stronger, more resilient communities.

Two children working on STEM project at table