How to Ace Your Caterpillar Interview

Cara Quinn has worked in recruitment for nearly 20 years. She began her journey with Caterpillar nine years ago as a recruiter and progressed through a variety of recruitment roles before assuming her current position as a Recruiting Solutions Implementation Manager.

During her time with Caterpillar she has interviewed thousands of people. Here are some tips she shares for those preparing for their Caterpillar interview:

1.       Do your research

Cara says to make sure you are able to speak both knowledgeably and confidently about the company and position you have applied for. “Having a good understanding of the role’s duties and responsibilities, enables you to identify your own skills and experiences which will bring great value to the position.”

2.       Get ready to share some of your experiences

Interviewers want you to bring your experience and skills to life. “This is your opportunity to tell us about the most challenging, rewarding and impactful projects or tasks you have worked on which best demonstrate your behaviors.”

3.       Structure your Answer

Practice communicating your experiences clearly, effectively and with impact. Cara says the framework

Caterpillar recommends you use to structure your answer is called the STAR method:

  • Situation – Provide the context and background around the situation or task you were involved.  Tip - Ensure you give a specific event as opposed to talking generally.
  • Task – Describe your role and responsibility within the scenario.  Tip – Explain the goal you set out to achieve.
  • Action – Explain the actions you took to address the situation.  Tip – Remember we are interested in what you specifically did, so even if there was team involvement, make sure you focus on your own contributions.
  • Results - Describe the outcome of your actions.  Tip – Try to provide real tangible results to show the great impact you made.

4.       Think about why you are interested in the role

At Caterpillar, we want to understand what motivates you “Be ready to tell us why you are interested in working for our company and in this role.” Think: What motivates you and how does this role fit into your long-term plan?

5.       Have questions ready

The interview is a two-way process, so use it as your opportunity to find out all you need to know about the role and what it’s like to work and build a career with Caterpillar. 

Ready to ace that interview? Want to get started finding a career with Caterpillar? Search and apply for jobs today.