How to Ace Your Caterpillar Interview

December 7, 2022

Alison Ward, Recruiting Solutions Manager, has years of experience in recruiting top talent around the world. Her passion is centered around people and supporting their growth, which is what led her to a career in finding the best talent for Caterpillar. Here are her tips for preparing for a Caterpillar interview: 

1. Do Your Research 

Alison says it is critical to research both the company and the position you have applied for prior to the interview. This will prepare you to speak clearly about your interest in the work the company is doing and the aspects of the position that excite you most. 

2. Share Your Own Experiences

Make sure you can speak confidently about the role’s responsibilities and how they overlap with your own skills and experiences. 

“Authenticity is key! This really is your chance to share with us your unique experiences and how they link to the role, we value the skills you are bringing to the team so make sure we get to hear about them,” says Alison. 

3. Structure Your Answers

Alison suggests structuring your answers clearly and effectively by using Caterpillar’s recommended STAR method: 

  • Situation – Provide the context and background on the situation, project or task that you were involved in.
  • Task – Describe your own role and responsibility within the situation.
  • Action – Discuss what actions you took to address the situation.
  • Result – Explain the outcomes of the actions you took. 
Allison Ward

Tip from Alison: “I found it really helped me to practice using the STAR method ahead of my interview here at Caterpillar, this gave me the confidence I needed and enabled me to really focus on ensuring my answers made up the full STAR.”

4. Express Your Interest

It adds so much gravitas to your application. “Think about why you have applied to join Caterpillar, and what has motivated you to come along for this interview, we want to learn about your interest in the opportunity within our business and why you feel it’s the role for you,” Alison says.

5. Prepare Questions

While it is important to be prepared to answer questions, it is just as important to ask questions. Use this as an opportunity to gain insight into the role and what it is like to build a career with Caterpillar. 

Are you ready to apply what you’ve learned in your next Caterpillar interview? 

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