Help us change the way we do business.

We use smart phones, live in smart homes and run smart appliances. So why not work with—and help us develop the next generation of—smart iron? Every day, our information analytics professionals explore how Caterpillar will help enrich lives, power businesses and build communities in the future. As a member of this forward-thinking team, you’ll analyze today’s trends and forecast tomorrow’s—helping us reinvent our current businesses and move into spaces that may not exist yet. You’ll succeed in this creative, fast-paced environment if you:

  • Have a degree or experience in data science, mathematics or statistics
  • Know how to use advanced enterprise statistical tools
  • Can effectively visualize information and communicate the results
  • Want to work with business partners to commercialize new ideas

Your future matters. Start building it here.

A career in information analytics at Caterpillar offers something you may not experience in traditional “tech” companies: the chance to see your ideas come to life in real products and services used on customer jobsites around the world. What you imagine and ultimately make a reality will help our customers work more safely, more efficiently and more productively. Our recent ANNY award is proof that we’re putting analytics to work to drive business results.

You’ll have opportunities to define your own future, too. We follow a strengths-based approach to development, encouraging you to focus on what you do best and equipping you to leverage those skills. You may also get to participate in our professional development program, which can be customized around your needs. Whether you want to build core technical knowledge, develop domain experience or take on a leadership role, we’re here to help you to push the limits of what’s possible.

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