It’s about more than dollars. It’s about helping people succeed.

Designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting Cat® products—there’s financial investment and financial risk involved at every step along our value chain. That’s why having a strong finance team matters. And that’s why we seek to hire not just financial experts, but also skilled communicators, leaders and decision-makers who can help us move forward in smart, ethical ways. You’ll succeed here if you:

  • Operate with the highest levels of integrity
  • Bring energy, tenacity and a willingness to learn every day
  • Want to serve as a trusted advisor
  • Build strong partnerships with the people you serve

Here, mobility, growth and innovation matter.

Finance careers—and leadership opportunities—at Caterpillar run the gamut. You may find your home in corporate cash and accounts receivable, commodity and foreign currency risk assessment, or property and casualty insurance. Or perhaps subsidiary funding, dealer/supplier financing or employee benefits fund management is where your passion lies.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to find your ideal fit. Through our informal professional development program, you’ll likely spend your first year on an assignment learning the fundamentals. In year two, you’ll make it yours. By year three or four, you may be ready to move to something new. We want you to find the area that best matches your interests and our needs. And we want you to make every finance job you hold better, too, so we encourage you to innovate, improve and find ways to do work that really matters.