Ideas matter. Bring yours to life here.

Design machines that dig, load and haul autonomously. Run digital simulations predicting how yet-to-be-built components will perform in the field. Use 3D printing to create parts that can be produced more sustainably. In all these ways and many more, Caterpillar engineers conceptualize ideas that become real-world products in our factories—and make progress possible around the globe. We hire engineers from all disciplines, specifically seeking:

  • Intelligent, hands-on problem solvers
  • Good communicators who can articulate complex ideas
  • Go-getters willing to get involved and take the initiative
  • Innovators with a passion for new ideas and continuous improvement
Recognize the Innovators: Caterpillar Engineers Video

Build a career—or three or four different ones.

Wherever your passion lies—chemical, electrical, material, mechanical, metallurgical and more—you’ll find a home here. Engineers work in virtually every area of our company. As a product development engineer, you might research emerging technologies, design new machines and engines, create software solutions, or test and validate product designs.

In fact, you might do all that during your Caterpillar career. We encourage you to explore different facets of engineering or move into roles in marketing, production, analytics or other areas of the company. Our rotational program exposes participants to as many as five different experiences in just 12 to 18 months. Other professional development programs offer similar chances to learn, network and grow. And volunteer opportunities—like STEM outreach in local schools—let you share just how much engineering matters in every community.

Interested in Engineering? Check out our Engineering Rotational Development Program