A chance to tell stories that matter.

From products that help bring running water to small villages in Africa, to autonomous technologies that allow miners to work out of harm’s way, to 3D printing that enables more sustainable parts production, few companies have stories to tell like Caterpillar. We count on you to share them—both outside our walls and in ways that engage and motivate our employees around the world. You’ll succeed as a Caterpillar communicator if you:

  • Have strong writing and project management skills
  • Understand how to connect with various audiences
  • Demonstrate creativity, value innovation and take risks
  • Know how to simplify complicated or technical ideas
  • Learn how to navigate a complex organization and manage change

Work with our leaders—and become one, too.

One day, you might write a feature story about the innovative technologies built into our products; the next, run a global meeting or plan a media visit to one of our facilities. At Caterpillar, communicators get involved in every aspect of the business. Whether you work in corporate communications, in a business unit or with a process owner, you’ll have a seat at the table with the leaders who drive the organization’s strategic direction. They understand the value of good communications and will look to you as a trusted advisor and consultant.

You’ll also join a global network of communication professionals who work together to make sure messages are aligned and cascaded—and help one another develop and grow. You’ll find plenty of opportunities here to stretch your role, build your skills and move into new positions. Recent college graduates have the chance to join our professional development program, a three-year rotation filled with networking, training and mentoring opportunities.