UK Graduate Schemes


Where do our future specialists and leaders come from?

A lot of them join us via our graduate scheme so it's no wonder we're dedicated to attracting the best and brightest graduates every year. We have exciting and challenging opportunities around the UK.


On our well established and structured scheme, you will have the opportunity to experience various departments and functions of our business, and develop your skills accordingly. We believe the best way to learn is by experience, and that’s why we’ll challenge you with solving real world problems. By the time you have completed your various rotations, your knowledge of your chosen field will be deep, broad and impressive. Every team will see you as a valuable team member, and will invest in your development, giving you the support, training and guidance you need. At the same time, you'll have an assigned mentor on hand, who'll provide you with expert advice when you need it. They'll help you make the most of the opportunities on offer, and lay the foundations of a stellar long term career.

Completing any of our graduate schemes leads to a promotion and permanent position within Caterpillar. From there you can grow the career you want; within such a large organisation the possibilities are limitless.


As a Caterpillar employee you are part of a winning team that gives you the support you need to succeed and the work you do makes a difference in the lives of people all around the world. We want you to achieve as much as you can with us which is why we will provide you the training and support you need to be successful at Caterpillar. Graduates receive a £1000 signing on bonus.

Daljit Bansal
70/20/10 Learning Model



You're the leaders and specialists of the future, so we plan to invest in your development. You'll have the opportunity and support to achieve your goals and progress, including the learning and development you need.

The majority of your training will be on the job, so you'll gain practical experience and knowledge first hand. You will receive feedback on your work and coaching to help you improve. Some training is essential, while additional training is there if you feel you need it would be useful for your development. Of course, you'll be given a mentor too.

Our company wide career development programme supports a culture of continual learning, knowledge sharing, skills development and professional growth. Additionally, we'll offer you financial support towards achieving a valuable professional qualification.

70/20/10 Learning Model 

Learning at Caterpillar is not just about going on a course. In reality, this represents only about 10 percent of how we develop. Development is most effective when formal learning, coaching and feedback and on the job experience are combined.


Each of our UK Early Talent Opportunities offers something different for everyone, see below for a brief overview of the type s of disciplines that we typically recruit for.



A three year rotational scheme, allowing you to gain an overview of all the HR roles at Caterpillar. The program will provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop your professional skills across a range of HR disciplines as well as preparing you for a role as a future leader or functional specialist.



Working within Caterpillar Caterpillar’s Information Services team will give you a broad experience in all disciplines of Information Services, covering some of the selected applications used within end to end business processes (Engineering, Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Finance, Sales and Marketing). It will also include project life cycle management methodologies and core Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes including Incident/Problem & Change.


We offer a wide range of opportunities within engineering, ranging from product research and design to manufacturing and quality. While our Electrical and Electronic team work on the integration of the latest electronic and electrical technology within multiple Caterpillar products. You have the opportunity to join these high performing teams and have your stamp on our products.

Sales and Marketing

Our Marketing teams focus their attention on understanding current and future market and customer needs, analysing opportunities and defining the brand and product positioning. Our Sales teams maintain relationships with existing customers whilst winning new business from our competitors. It sounds easy, and we have an enviable record of success on both counts, but the real challenge is to keep us where we are at the forefront.


You’ll be an active team member working in real roles gaining an understanding of CaterpillarCaterpillar’s business and accounting practices, systems and procedures. As well as learning and develop skills, which result from the practical application of accounting knowledge. You will also collaborate with team members worldwide as part of our global team.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is at the heart of every business, and here is no exception. Think about the daily sourcing of materials from across the world, then think about how these parts are transported into a company, manufactured, and shipped out to customers within demanding lead times. The department is therefore a highly important link between our teams involved in product development, production, and most importantly our customer.

Meet our Graduates

Eleanor Smith, Peterborough

Rotation experience included the opportunity to monitor engine components as part of the quality team, and design wiring harness brackets for the 1200 series. 

Best Learning Moment: “I came up with a plan to run tests on new temperature sensors, which went through three different people for approvals. The sensors were in the oven for an hour and when I went back to check on them, I found that while the sensors were able to go up to that temperature, the casings were not. They melted in the oven. Everyone found it quite funny because they all signed off on it. They told me not to worry about it and learn from the experience. In fact, they’ve kept some of the sensors are in one of the display cabinets in the office as a joke.”

Biggest Takeaway: “As a student, you don’t feel like you are going to be doing proper work, but then you realize that you are doing actual work for the company. I realized during my first rotation that I have the power to stop the production line and make decisions on whether a part was going to go to production to be used on future engines.” 

Eleanor Smith
Eleanor Smith

Ahmed Kizito, Desford

During his rotation, Ahmed assisted in the design process for new product launches, and managed day-to-day engineering issues on the production line.

Best Learning Moment: “I made a design once for a build stand and got the measurements wrong. I was extremely hard on myself, but my team was very reassuring and reminded me that we are all in this together. That helped me regain my confidence.” 

Biggest Takeaway: “There were times when I wasn’t sure how useful I was being to those I was supporting. My manger helped me feel more confident by sharing her experiences from graduate program. Managers can be seen as perfect, but she humanized herself by sharing her learning moments.”

Ahmed Kizito
Ahmed Kizito

Corie Gee, Peterborough

Designed parts for aftertreatment, analyzed data and built data dashboards used broadly to check the performance of machines in the field. In his rotations he also monitored test beds to ensure engine controls function as expected.

Best Learning Moment: “When I started doing data analysis, I didn’t know much of the data analysis language. I wrote a program that was inefficient- it took three and a half days to plot histograms. Once I joined the data analysis team, one of my coworkers built the same program in 15 minutes and showed me how he did it. The program I had written eventually came back to me and I was able to fix it using the guidance that my coworker provided.”

Biggest Takeaway: “Data analysis is what I want to do as a career. I wouldn’t have known that without this graduate program.”

Corie Gee
Corie Gee

Joana Leitch, Peterborough

Just starting her first rotation, Joana is setting up and running computational fluid dynamics models on replacement components in engines as well as making changes to the geometry of components to optimise the fluid flow.

Best Learning Moment: “I’m running simulations and things keep going wrong. With the guidance of my more experienced colleagues, I have to keep coming up with different solutions for what is going wrong and how I can fix it. It’s been challenging, but not to a point where you don’t know what to do next. You try different things and move forward.”

Biggest Takeaway: “Machines are going to be around forever- we are always going to need them. The work of engineers makes these machines more efficient, which allows us to play a part in the improved bigger picture to make a positive change in the world.”  

Joana Leitch
Joana Leitch