Cat Financial Frequently Asked Questions

What organizations are eligible to participate?
Organizations may apply for financial or voluntary support from Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation (Cat Financial) if the organization meets the following criteria:

  • Approved 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status
  • Serve communities in the Nashville-metro area
  • Focus on education, civic groups, health/human services, or the arts.
  • Additionally, any organization that discriminates based on race, creed, ethnicity, religion, sex, age or national origin is not eligible to receive funding from Cat Financial.

For more information regarding donations and non-profits in the Nashville-metro area, visit Giving

How does my organization apply?
Eligible organizations can apply online by downloading the application and returning it to 

Can an organization request assistance other than funding?
Yes, there is a place on the application for organizations to request volunteers for a day of caring. Cat Financial will review the request and if approved may send employees to support the event or project.

What is a day of caring?
Cat Financial also supports local non-profits through employee volunteer efforts. Eligible organizations may request a group of 5 – 50 volunteers to help with activities such as outdoor beautification projects, painting, and general clean-up projects. A day of caring typically lasts four hours, in either a morning or afternoon session.

What is the deadline for submitting applications for funding?
Organizations must submit an application for review at least 60 days in advance of the event or project.

When are donations awarded?
The Cat Financial Corporate Contributions Committee reviews requests quarterly.

Are charitable organizations outside of the Nashville, TN, area eligible to participate?
Cat Financial headquarters is located in Nashville, TN, so we focus our efforts in the metro area and surrounding communities.

Does a Cat Financial employee have to be involved with my organization to receive funding?
Not necessarily. Cat Financial may provide support to any eligible organization in the Nashville area. Preference may be given to organizations that are supported by employees through involvement or membership.

Is an organization eligible for funding more than once per calendar year?
No, an organization is only eligible to receive funding once each calendar year.

Does an organization need to apply every year for a new donation?
Yes, we ask that all organizations complete a new application for funding each year, even if the request is for the same event/project as in years past. This helps Cat Financial keep an updated record of where support is given within the community.

How does an organization demonstrate the success of programs or use of funds?
If an organization was a recipient of funds from Cat Financial in the previous calendar year, an organization measurement plan must be submitted to Cat Financial. This helps Cat Financial keep an updated record of where support is given within the community.

Where can I find additional information on philanthropy at Cat Financial?
Please visit our website.

What is the difference between the Cat Financial Corporate Contributions Committee and the Caterpillar Foundation?
The Cat Financial Corporate Contributions Committee is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations in the Nashville area. The Caterpillar Foundation has a more global scope of nonprofits and giving initiatives. All requests for funding in the Nashville, TN, area must first go through the Cat Financial Contributions Committee. Funding from the Caterpillar Foundation requires approval from The Cat Financial Contributions Committee. Visit the Caterpillar Foundation for more information.

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