Diversity and Inclusion | Harnessing the Power of Everyone - black and white employee photos in hexigons
Diversity and Inclusion | Harnessing the Power of Everyone - black and white employee photos in hexigons

Our Diversity and
Inclusion Journey

At Caterpillar, we believe diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a journey, not a destination. We are committed to continually working to ensure our workplace is diverse and representative of the many customers we serve around the globe and that each person is respected, seen, heard and valued. We know that different perspectives help us do our best work, achieve great outcomes and make positive changes in the communities where we live and work. That’s The Power of Everyone.

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One Global Team
Jim Umpleby - CEO
We are committed to fostering a workplace that respects and celebrates our employees’ diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, and encourages a culture where employees feel valued and included. This heightens the opportunity for greater team performance and strengthens us as a company, enabling us to provide superior value for those we serve.

Jim Umpleby

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Caterpillar Inc.

Doing the Work

At Caterpillar, we believe in The Power of Everyone as a source of innovation and competitive advantage. We are proud that our people come from across the globe, with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are united by our Values in Action and collectively committed to our purpose of helping our customers build a better world.

Caterpillar Appoints First Female Presiding Director to Board 

Debra Reed-Klagus

Debra L. Reed-Klages
Presiding Director
Caterpillar Inc.


In June 2022, the independent directors of the Board appointed Debra Reed-Klages as Caterpillar’s first female Presiding Director.

Caterpillar’s Diversity and Inclusion Framework 

Our three-pillar D&I Framework outlines our strategic approach to diversity and inclusion.  The objective of the framework is to weave D&I seamlessly into the business, ensuring that the principles guide us in our daily operating rhythm.

Workforce - Culture - Outreach

Recent Recognition

Multiple Awards Received by Caterpillar

Our People

We are a team that shares our unique talents to help those with whom we work, live and serve. The diverse thinking and decision making of our people strengthens us. We respect and value people with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds. We know that by working together, we can produce better results than any of us can achieve alone.

Caterpillar Employees


Employee Resource Groups

  • Africa Business Resource Group - ABRG
  • Active Caterpillar Team - ACTivate
  • Abled and Disabled Employees Partnering Together – ADEPT
  • Armed Forces Support Network – AFSN
  • Caterpillar African American Network – CAAN
  • Caterpillar Asian Indian Community – CAIC
  • Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group – CCRG
  • Caterpillar Lambda Network – Lambda
  • Caterpillar Latino Connection – CLC
  • Experienced Professionals – EP
  • Korean Resource Group – KRG
  • Middle Eastern Resource Group – MERG
  • Women’s Initiative Network – WIN
  • Young Professionals of Caterpillar - YP


For more than 20 years, Caterpillar’s employee resource groups (ERGs) have engaged and connected communities inside and outside of the company across the globe. Our 14 ERGs connect dedicated employees who share similar life experiences or interests. These groups provide opportunities for personal and professional development, and they help drive innovation. Membership is voluntary and open to all Caterpillar employees.


The Caterpillar Latino Connection (CLC) Erg Is Impacting the Business
One Language at a Time


Our Caterpillar Latino Connection (CLC) ERG is making an impact on our business by sharing the gift of the Spanish language and offering a program to employees who are interested in developing their skills. The CLC Spanish Program is a great example of how Caterpillar is strengthening relationships with dealers, customers, and suppliers in Latino and Hispanic countries. The program started small about 10 years ago in the U.S. and has now grown globally with more than 1,000 students. With two terms per year, beginners to advanced levels, and an immersive learning style, the program is recognized as a powerful tool. In addition to learning Spanish, students are also able to participate in the CLC Spanish Mentorship Program which solidifies their language journey by providing industry related knowledge, opportunities to network and multicultural awareness.

Caterpillar Latino Connection Group Photo

Employee Stories

Our Partners


While we’ve made diversity and inclusion a priority within our enterprise, shared progress with our partners fosters a more holistic and fulfilling journey.

Technicians for Africa is a free online program in partnership with Caterpillar dealers for Africans seeking a family-sustaining career as a service technician. In just 3 – 6 months, participants can earn a Caterpillar Certificate of Completion and begin an exciting journey toward a potential career as a well-paid and highly valued service technician in the automotive, trucking or heavy equipment industry.

“I’ve always been interested in Caterpillar as a brand. This made it easy for me to connect with the program when I heard about it, plus it was free online training that enabled me to take ownership of my learning.”

- Gbadebo Funsho
Mantrac Nigeria

Gbadebo Funsho in front of Cat Mining Truck

Global Community Impact

As a company, Caterpillar works alongside our dealers and our customers to build the societal infrastructure needed to make the world run. We build thriving communities by investing in the skills people need to join the modern workforce, and the natural and vital infrastructure they rely upon.

Through the Caterpillar Foundation and other local community partnerships, Caterpillar has made a long-standing commitment to equip individuals and communities with the skills, resources and services they need to thrive in our changing world. These partnerships are a catalyst for progress — ensuring the value of our work extends beyond the immediate impact to build a better, more inclusive world for future generations. 

Doing the work that matters
Doing the work that matters