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Our Legacy

The history of Caterpillar is all about doing: creating, building, problem solving, innovating, testing, servicing and improving. Enjoy the ingenious machines from our rich heritage, and more importantly, the people who founded and built the company one breakthrough at a time. Beginning with Benjamin Holt and C. L. Best, the people of Caterpillar have always been – and continue to be – extraordinary.

Wood Carving Model

2013 - This wood carved Cat D Series Track-Type Tractor was a gift from a customer to our Chairman.

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Working in Washington

1940 - The Caterpillar D2 Track-Type Tractor propels this novel transportation device from the real power takeoff in Washington State.

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Through the Lens

Pictures could tell the story of Byron Williford’s life. He was an avid photographer, always tinkering with his cameras. That was second nature for an engineer.

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Caterpillar Goer

1965 - Design model of a Caterpillar Goer heavy tactical truck that was designed for the U.S. government.

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