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Our Legacy

The history of Caterpillar is all about doing: creating, building, problem solving, innovating, testing, servicing and improving. Enjoy the ingenious machines from our rich heritage, and more importantly, the people who founded and built the company one breakthrough at a time. Beginning with Benjamin Holt and C. L. Best, the people of Caterpillar have always been – and continue to be – extraordinary.

Railroad Key

c. 1950s – Adlake railroad key used in an EMD locomotive. All aboard …

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Bear Photo

1932 - Don’t feed the bears? This photo, taken near Porterville, California, seems to suggest otherwise. Don’t try this at home!

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Just call him Louie

His name was Louis B. Neumiller, but everyone called him Louie. He will always be remembered as Caterpillar’s third Chairman and President, but what made him tick? In many ways he was really no different than all of us.

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Winning with Tracks

c. 1930s - Why are tracks so much better than wheels? We found an interesting video that shows exactly why one of our greatest innovations makes life so much easier. Watch as our Twenty, the first tractor ever built by Caterpillar, goes head-to-head against a custom-built Twenty…with wheels! Which tractor is harder to pull? Which one does more damage as it moves? Which tractor is better? You be the judge.

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