Name: Linda

Position: Corporate Communications Manager

Division: Global Government & Corporate Affairs

1. How did your career bring you to Caterpillar and why was Caterpillar the best employer for you?
My career at Caterpillar has spanned 35 years. Throughout that time, I have been given the opportunity to experience many careers within this one company. My job roles have included global responsibilities for an enterprise system implementation, communications and product related marketing and change management.

2. What are your current roles and responsibilities at Caterpillar?
My current position is Corporate Communications Manager within Corporate Affairs. Responsibilities include global communications for internal and external audiences, communications support for our Executive Office, Corporate Archives, Caterpillar Visitors Center, succession planning for communicators In North America and ownership of enterprise communication vehicles, including social media.

3. From your perspective, how and why do you believe that Caterpillar would benefit from hiring military veterans into the company?
Caterpillar would benefit from the diverse, global experiences our military offers individuals. Many of our Caterpillar positions require global sensitivity as we communicate to our different audiences. I also believe the military has developed great leaders with a strong sense of values that mirror ours at Caterpillar.

4. What would you say to the veteran candidate pool to encourage them to choose Caterpillar as their employer of choice?
Caterpillar is a wonderful company that is a true global leader. We have a culture of strong values, an inclusive environment and appreciate the unique talents each individual brings. When you work for Caterpillar, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. The equipment we build improves the lives of many, creating sustainable power and building roads in locations that have never had them, as well as the developed world. I am proud to work at Caterpillar and believe it's the best company in the world.